PAC-MAN MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v11.2.6

Updated 28-09-2023 (8 months ago)
Version 11.2.6
Size 130M
Require Android 4.4

PAC-MAN is an Arcade game that is no longer strange to the 8x generation. It makes a strong impression on players not only by its plot and gameplay but also by the background music or the sound of eating objects. The attraction of PAC-MAN has never waned, that’s why the publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc has launched a version for mobile phones. If you are looking to relive your childhood feelings in a completely new way, let’s APKMARA experience PAC-MAN with its mod version right away.



If you are a game lover that belongs to the 8x or 9x generation, surely you cannot forget PAC-MAN. It left a mark on the childhood of many people, more than the famous games of that time like Maria or Tetris. Just with a very ordinary idea is the chase of blocks. The game maker has created a very extraordinary game, it is also known as a monument of imagination.

Surely there is no need to re-introduce much of the gameplay of PAC-MAN. Players only need to control the ball with the ability to open its mouth to swallow the food called Pacman. Pacman will go through many different paths with many branches to find and eat bright seeds. At the same time, stay away from the ghost if you don’t want it to “attack” you again. And you see, the game has a very simple idea, the design couldn’t be simpler, but it created a legendary game.

What does the PAC-MAN mobile version have?

If you remember the days when the games on the market featured two colors black and white, in handheld game consoles, Pacman has become an indispensable part. And now, players can download and experience the game right on their mobile devices. There are quite a few different versions in terms of gameplay and texture, but the most prominent one is still PAC-MAN.

Controlling this game on mobile is also quite simple. Players just need to swipe the screen up and down, right, left to move in the direction they want. And the core principle of the game remains the same, players will find and eat pebbles, along with dodging ghosts. In this mobile version, ghosts still have four types: Pinky, Blinky, Clyde, and Inky. However, they will have more colors such as red, pink, yellow, blue… Pacman still has to avoid ghosts when moving on the road. However, Pacman can still eat ghosts in some cases such as: Playing in the maze, you will see there are larger round dots than usual, these are electric pills. If Pacman eats them, it can turn the ghosts blue for a certain amount of time, quickly eating them.

On each turn, the player gets three lives. In the first moments, you can pass easily without using the second life. However, the deeper you go, the more roads you have to pass with countless ghosts, so three lives may be too few.

The gameplay sounds very easy, right? However, when entering this game, just go through 10 levels, you will see that the original thought is completely wrong. Matrixes and bags of ghosts appear everywhere, while Pacman is alone. Along with that, the food also appears more, there are special foods that help move faster for a certain amount of time without fear of ghosts. But this time happens very quickly, so you have to overcome these hardships with your own strength. Maintain and stay as long as possible, this is the ultimate goal of this game.


Mobile PAC-MAN’s game modes are more diverse

PAC-MAN mobile version includes 3 main game modes: Classic, Tournaments, and My mazes:

  1. Classic: the gameplay is like the traditional game on the Gameboy. You will play according to each screen, when you win the battle, you will pass a new level.
  2. My mazes: players will test their skills in many different terrains, battlefields and difficulty levels. When you pass a level, you will collect pacman coins, which you will use to unlock new maps and challenge yourself on those maps.
  3. Tournaments: this mode helps players collect rewards. It can be addictive for you as the rewards get bigger and bigger.

Each game mode will bring its own attractions. But in my opinion, you should explore the game in different modes, because you will definitely feel excited about it.


Graphics and sound

We will talk about the sound first because this is the most unique and recognizable point of the game PAC-MAN. The game has a unique sound that cannot be confused with any other game, just listen to the juggling music, you will immediately know that someone is playing PAC-MAN here.

The game’s graphics are quite simple, with only 2D graphics. This mobile version retains the original pixel art and graphics of the classic game. However, the colors will be more varied, the map will be richer, and the matrix will be more peculiar. All create a more perfect version of the game.

What features does the PAC-MAN mod apk version have?

When experiencing the PAC-MAN mod apk version, you will have the following special features:

  1. Unlimited money
  2. Remove ads

Download PAC-MAN mod apk for Android

Surely this classic game will make you fall in love when you experience it. Do not hesitate anymore, download PAC-MAN mod apk to your phone right now, it will be an attractive entertainment game whenever you are free or bored HERE.

Download PAC-MAN MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v11.2.6

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