Ninja’s Creed MOD APK 4.6.0 (Unlimited Energy, Free Ads, No Recoil)

Updated 25-01-2023 (1 year ago)
Version 4.6.0
Publisher 707 INTERACTIVE
Size 149M
Require Android 5.0

Today, APKMARA will introduce to you the game Ninja’s Creed. Coming to this game, you will play the role of a modern-day warrior, and fight crime to help prevent acts that disrupt peaceful life. Now, let’s find out what’s interesting about Ninja’s Creed? And don’t forget to follow the Ninja’s Creed mod apk version to see what interesting features are.

Ninja’s Creed APK  MOD

The plot in the game Ninja’s Creed

Ninja’s Creed is about a ninja on a journey to destroy gangsters. The gangsters are very active, causing the social order to be upset, while the law enforcement people do not do their job well. Since then, people’s lives were turned upside down, they were oppressed and always lived in fear. And it was Ninja’s family who was the victims of these gangsters, they were brutally killed. Therefore, our character is always determined to take revenge, and he always wants to overthrow the bad guys to bring a peaceful life to the people living in the city.

Style play

When participating in the action game Ninja’s Creed, players will be taken to different locations with targets specified by the system. When completing the assigned task, you will receive attractive rewards including Cash, experience points, or achievements.

To help players facilitate the process of performing the task before each mission is given, the system will send suggestions. It can be a brief description of the target to be destroyed, the man holding the suitcase, the person running or the person wearing the red shirt, for example… However, this is quite general and can make you confused, because there are too many people in that place. Therefore, you need to focus on observing to find the right object. If you kill the wrong person, you will be arrested and the mission is over.

Ninja’s Creed APK  MOD

Your mission will also increase in difficulty. For example, you need to destroy the target within a limited time or destroy the object on the map with many obstacles. And then, you need to have the best aiming skills, as well as choose the right weapon. In addition to shooting directly at the target, you also have the option to use the most creative ways to destroy the enemy. For example, shooting at the chain hanging from the container, or extinguishing the light to disorient the target… Use the most effective killing methods you can.

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Ninja and Weapons

Ninja’s Creed has two very important factors that each player needs to pay attention to, so as to bring about victory in the easiest way. That is the Ninja and the weapon.

The first is the ninja, who is a professional assassin located in a mysterious organization. Ninja’s mission is to complete missions to benefit the organization, as well as ensure peace for life.

During the battle, the player can gain experience points to help the ninja character increase in strength. In addition, you can also unlock and learn more natural talents, so that the battle process later is more convenient and effective.

The second is weapons, in Ninja’s Creed, there are 3 main types of weapons: Crossbows, darts, and bows. It sounds like a rudimentary weapon, but in fact, these are all modern weapons that have been greatly improved. They have strong damage and the ability to destroy enemies easily.

In addition, players can also own weapons to support in the process of fighting, which as an eagle. When possessing it, the player can identify the target easily and accurately, thereby finding the direction to destroy the target most effectively.

Game mode in Ninja’s Creed

In Ninja’s Creed, there are many different game modes for you to choose from. In addition to the story mode, players can also choose other levels, such as Hunting List mode, and Bounty Hunter … In addition, there are many different game modes for players to experience.

Along with that, when traveling through a certain country, the player will face a boss. This will definitely be the hardest goal you have to overcome.

Ninja’s Creed APK + MOD


An indispensable feature in the game Ninja’s Creed is the upgrade of weapons. This is very important and it will cost you a lot of money. In return, you will have weapons with more outstanding advantages such as fire rate, reload speed, damage level, or influence level… With these modern weapons, you can attack and kill enemies faster, or you can kill more enemies with just one arrow.

What features does the Ninja’s Creed mod apk version have?

With Ninja’s Creed mod apk version, players will have many outstanding advantages. Surely it will help you to experience the game more perfectly. Some of the mod features are:

  • Unlimited energy
  • Free Ads
  • No jerks

Download the game Ninja’s Creed mod apk

Many gamers find that Ninja’s Creed is a remake of Sniper 3D. However, Ninja’s Creed brings more interesting things to players. It’s a more engaging storyline, more detailed content, shortcut scenes, or multiple game modes… You will definitely enjoy this game. Now download Ninja’s Creed mod apk and become a real ninja.

Download Ninja’s Creed MOD APK 4.6.0 (Unlimited Energy, Free Ads, No Recoil)

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