Masketeers MOD APK (Increase Guardian Bonus) v4.19.0

Masketeers MOD APK
Updated 28-09-2023 (9 months ago)
Version 4.19.0
Publisher Appxplore (iCandy)
Size 150M
Require Android 5.0

MasketeersMasketeers mod is an action role-playing game that gives players relaxation after stressful working and studying hours. With highly addictive gameplay, in the game, you will have the opportunity to turn into a hero and fight against the dark forces in society. Currently, the game is widely distributed on iOS and Android operating systems. Let’s explore this game with APKMARA through the article below!

Masketeers MOD APK

About Masketeers

Masketeers is a relatively “chill” game. It is for those who love the simple gameplay but still retain the characteristics of the RPG genre. By listening to player feedback, the developer has created a unique game with a new setting and story. Masketeers also scored quite well, with a rating of 4.6 / 5 out of 18,000 reviews.

Masketeers tells the story of mysterious masks. In one incident, young Caine accidentally picked up a mask. When he picked it up, it stuck to his face and gave him powerful energy.

It was this energy that attracted the demons’ attention. They appeared around Caine and wreaked havoc throughout the city in an attempt to trick Caine into giving them the mask. But then there is another human being who secretly tells you the origin of this mask. It was Caine who was chosen to banish darkness and cruelty from human life.

Don’t get stuck in the dark

The leader of the demons is the boss Wraith, he is trying to collect masks to improve his power, and prepare for a plan to rule the entire Human World. Wraith is constantly adding reinforcements to defeat you. You must use your power to fight against waves of enemies step by step, and stop the demons from destroying the human world.

When the challenge begins, Caine will use the sword and the power of the mysterious mask to fight evil. This guy will fight automatically. Once the skill icon is fully charged, you can tap Caine’s skill icon to battle with power and speed.

Masketeers MOD APK

Get support from other heroes

The truth is that Caine is not the only hero wearing a mysterious mask, because there are many others that will appear as Caine passes through many levels. Caine’s first companion is the Pixel. Her motto is: “Play but be friendly!”. Pixie’s mask gave her wit and enhanced her friendly nature into a shield that protects humans from the wrath of evil.

Next is Coro – a warrior goddess with a harp in her hand. Her late father left the mask for her. She always carries with her the hope of making the world a better place through her tunes and turns despair into the pinnacle of hope. Coro has a very deep inner strength, she can restore health to all her companions and attack a group of enemies with sparks.

In addition, there are many other characters that will accompany Caine as he completes special moves in the game.

Defeat the final boss

Masketeers has brought you many villains from the world of darkness. Each time you pass multiple waves of enemies, you must face the leader of a species of youkai. Bosses are monsters with extremely scary power. Your team of heroes will probably take a lot of work and time to defeat him. However, when you reach level 8, the boss is no longer such a big deal, because by then the Guardian is unlocked. It is a collection of 4 legendary beasts: Thanh Long, Bach Ho, Huyen Vu, and Chu Tuoc, bringing the ultimate source of strength to all members of the group.

The Marquis is the first summoned beast to appear. From level one, your party gets 2500% ATK. Next is Xuanyu (Xuan Yu) with 2500% defense. The summoned beasts can be unlocked and upgraded later.

Masketeers MOD APK

Skills and Support

Characters can be upgraded, but you have to spend money to buy the experience of each character, not through the process of fighting. As characters level up, they will receive skill points. These points are used to upgrade skills. You need to update them regularly as the skills develop one by one. Example: You cannot unlock Pixels Mousey Momentum without learning Spice Delivery.

In addition, Masketeers with the ability to buff stone will be added. During battle or on quests, you have a chance to get Legendary Stones. They come in three types of shapes: square, circle, and triangle. Any type can be buffed to a character’s suit to add more attributes. In general, stones do not carry as many attributes as 4 summoned beasts. But this item gives you a lot of benefits if you play at a high level.

Masketeers MOD APK version

MOD feature

Increased Guardian Bonus: After you unlock the Guardians in the game, the buff effects for your character and team will be increased many times more than normal.

Download Masketeers MOD APK for Android

Masketeers is the favorite game of many people in their spare time. This game has simple gameplay. However, the features are seriously developed, and the graphics are meticulously designed with many eye-catching effects. Download the MOD version and start the battle with the spirits right HERE!

Download Masketeers MOD APK (Increase Guardian Bonus) v4.19.0

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