Love Story Game MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds/Tickets) v1.1.3

Love Story Game
Updated 03-04-2022 (2 years ago)
Version 1.1.3
Publisher Black Bears
Size 139M
Require Android 4.4

Love Story Game is a very unique game, it gives players great emotions based on many love stories. When you come to this game, you will surely be immersed in love with the most wonderful emotions. Love Story Game is one of the games that recreate the most beautiful emotions from romantic love stories.

Love Story Game MOD APK

Love Story Game is simple but very attractive

Love is always an endless topic that is not only exploited in poetry and literature, but game publishers also love this topic. It gives players new sensations that they can’t get in real life. And today Apkmara will learn about the Love story game together. Surely it will bring you a lot of romantic stories, from happy, and passionate to hurt, and sad.

Here, there are many different stories with many genres, which will surely bring you emotions throughout the game experience. Whether you are a girl or a boy, you can play these games. Surely everyone will feel extremely happy with romantic moments.

Love story game has very simple gameplay. Even if you are just experiencing the simulation game for the first time, you can play it easily. Because all the players need to do is make their own choices. First, you need to choose the character, then choose the life partner that you feel is suitable. Next, you will enter into a relationship with this person. And the two people will talk, learn and exchange together to understand each other better. However, players need to think carefully before making their choice, otherwise, they will regret it.

Love Story Game MOD APK

Let’s explore the world in the Love story game

Love story game is an interactive novel game, it’s not just one story, but many different stories. In each story, players will play the main role and follow the details and make important decisions that affect their fate.

Each story will be divided into several different episodes, from which players can conveniently follow without losing track. Story diversity is synonymous with genre diversity. Therefore, rest assured that you will find a genre you love. For example, romantic relationships, the world trusting no one, intrigue, and love…

When transforming into the main character, players will have the right to do things such as: choosing a career for employees, choosing a body shape, making decisions about where to go, what to do, what to say, or who to go with… At this time, players will feel very important when they constantly have to make a lot of decisions.

You will definitely feel like you are the main character in that story, you will go deep into the story as well as the character’s life. The character will go through life and activities like a normal person in real life. This is the strength of the Love story game.

Love Story Game MOD APK

Role play responsibly

Many players have said that after experiencing the Love story game, they feel more responsible. In the story, there are many opinions you make that seem harmless. Those can be very small decisions. However, towards the end of the story, you will find that even a small decision has a huge impact on the future. And then you say “if only…” then it’s too late. Therefore, in all cases, think carefully and thoroughly before making a decision.

Not stopping there, regret also appears when you do not dare to live to the fullest. You are always cautious with everything, as well as not daring to show your ego or stay true to yourself. Therefore, in addition to having to think carefully, you also need to boldly live with yourself. You may not be satisfied with the results in the future, but you will certainly be happy that you have lived true to your heart.

Surely after experiencing this game, you will recognize the Jura game, but you still need to keep track of all the developments of the story. In any situation, before making a decision, you need to consider and follow your instincts to do it. So that later, whatever the outcome, you will not feel regret for your decisions. Chances don’t come second and time can’t be taken back, so live your life to the fullest and do your best to have a more meaningful life.

What features does the Love Story Game mod apk version have?

  1. Unlimited tickets
  2. Unlimited Diamonds


It can be said that this is a game that has interactive and diverse stories with many different themes, it is as deep and romantic as its name. The game has a very high-life simulation to create the appeal of players. So are you a lover of romantic details? Download Love Story Game to your device and experience it right away.

Download Love Story Game MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds/Tickets) v1.1.3

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