Love Fantasy: Match & Stories MOD APK (Free Purchase) v2.5.5

Love Fantasy: Match & Stories
Updated 27-09-2022 (1 year ago)
Version 2.5.5
Publisher Long-WINd
Size 434M
Require Android 5.0

Love Fantasy: Match and Stories MOD game is based on extremely attractive match-3 gameplay. When entering the game, you will go through interesting intellectual puzzles to train your mind. In the game, you will play the main character and experience the constantly changing game rounds. The scoring rule is not difficult to get used to but requires the player’s logical thinking. Let’s learn about this game with APKMARA!

Love Fantasy: Match & Stories APK + MOD

About Love Fantasy: Match & Stories

The gameplay and stories of Love Fantasy: Match & Stories is very simple, you just need to solve the puzzles and get a lot of money and gold. The player then uses the money to buy items for his character. Players will choose costumes and outfits for the character to match. At first glance, the game has similarities with the famous games Avakin Life, Super Stylist, and Sprite Fantasia, all of which give players a feeling of gentle relaxation.

A few principles of Love Fantasy: Match & Stories

The game has a relatively “time-consuming” style, you need to focus on fashion in Love Fantasy: Match and Stories MOD. Some implicit rules when playing the game that you should know are as follows:

You accidentally caught your man having an affair, you will be determined to retouch and improve your beauty so that when he meets you again, you will make him regret it.

Or like the story of how you are looking for the prince of your life. To make a good first impression, you need to find the best clothes. This outfit will show your charm and personality.

It can be seen more clearly that the matter of dress greatly affects the outcome of an important event, for example: Meeting your lover’s family, first date, performing on stage, press conference, … all these inside events bring the greatest attraction.

Become a “fashion designer”

Love Fantasy: Match and Stories is a collection of classic linear and match-3 games. Players will have the opportunity to experience two different styles in the same game, with a series of emotional ups and downs throughout the game.

Love Fantasy: Match & Stories APK + MOD

The general motif of the stories in Love Fantasy: Match and Stories are to solve match-3 puzzles to earn money/gold, then use the money to beautify your character. Choose costumes and fashion accessories, so that the character’s appearance is the most beautiful, unique, and suitable for each context and situation, and then slowly follow the plot to make important decisions in your life.

“Shopping” secrets in the game

In order to provide a complete fashion experience, Love Fantasy: Match and Stories have brought more than 100 different fashion items that players can freely mix and match to buy for their characters. The smarter steps you take to make the same-colored blocks disappear completely, the more money you have in hand to go shopping. So, the first secret is obviously to focus on playing match-3 well.

Remember to look out for lines of similar colors somewhere nearby. Find ways to combine them to completely destroy 3, 4, 5, 6, or even more colored blocks. The more blocks that disappear at once, the more bonus points you can get. More points mean more money. 

If you have cash on hand, you should start with epic but classic items first. Make sure they are highly functional and can be mixed with many different accessories (or even without accessories, it still shines).

Don’t look for items that are too unusual, or too unique, because they often require a very eye-catching look (for example, different hairstyles that cost you a lot of money to style) and accessories as well. When buying personal items, you must have personal accessories, they rarely go separately. Therefore, you must carefully consider the needs and situations in which the character will “enter”.

Interesting character transformation

How to play Love Fantasy: Match and Stories are extremely simple. Exactly what you need to do is: follow the story, make choices for the character in the face of unexpected situations, play match-3, collect money, then bring the money to the store, beautify the character and continue the story.

Love Fantasy: Match & Stories APK + MOD

The fun of a game like Love Fantasy: Match and Stories are not only about having a lot of money to go shopping and then beautifying the character, it’s about making your girl/boy become more beautiful every day in many different ways. Makeup, wear nice clothes, and choose delicate outfits to suit the situation. 

Remember when the character you played at first appeared, how disappointed you were when you saw the tragic appearance? After that, it gradually became more beautiful after changing clothes, hair, and things. Comparing Before-After is huge excitement for players.

MOD APK Version of Love Fantasy: Match & Stories 

MOD Feature

Free Purchase: With this feature of the MOD APK version of Love Fantasy: Match & Stories provided by the website, you can comfortably “refurbish” your character without having to earn too much.

Download Love Fantasy: Match & Stories APK & MOD for Android

It is such a cute and fun game. It draws many interesting situations full of positive energy to players. Although the image is not too excellent, with the rhythm and consistency of the game, Love Fantasy: Match and Stories MOD are worth a try. Immediately download the MOD version of the game below to enjoy moments of gentle relaxation.

Download Love Fantasy: Match & Stories MOD APK (Free Purchase) v2.5.5

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