Last Pirate MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.12.27

Last Pirate MOD APK
Updated 28-09-2023 (5 months ago)
Version 1.12.27
Publisher RetroStyle Games UA
Size 175M
Require Android 5.0

Do you want to become a pirate to survive on a harsh and desolate island? Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure Mod is a game that will help you fulfill your wish. The game is the story of a pirate who once owned a huge ship with dozens of crew members. But unfortunately, a big storm sank the ship and took the lives of the other sailors. You will play as the lucky captain who survived and drifted on a deserted island. Let’s learn about this game through the article below of APKMARA!

 Last Pirate MOD APK

About Last Pirate

Nowadays, survival games have become popular. And when it comes to that, you will probably immediately think of famous shooting games like PUBG Mobile or Fortnite. Last Pirate is an adventure game that allows you to survive freely on a simulated desert island. You have to use your instincts to survive in the wilderness. Food sources are slowly dwindling, and you have no help while you are surrounded by dangers. What will you do to face the approaching dangers?

Background of Last Pirate

Last Pirate is about a pirate captain’s survival journey. He used to have a very large ship with dozens of members. But unfortunately, the ship sank when it encountered a big storm at sea. That took the lives of all the crew members, while the captain had better luck getting lost on a deserted island.

He wakes up on a deserted beach, in front of a desolate landscape. Fear stagnates in the narrow space of the ocean, food sources are swept away by storms, and there are no ships left to come to help. The pirate captain will have to use the oldest human instinct to survive on a deserted island, for which there are no modern humans or tools. No one knows what awaits them on this island.

 Last Pirate MOD APK

Style play

As mentioned, Last Pirate is a realistic survival game. You play as a pirate captain, and you are taken to a deserted island in the middle of the sea. In the harsh conditions of nature, you must do whatever it takes to survive, starting by finding a source of food and water. Also, look for some fruit trees on the island, for example, bananas and coconuts. Some players ignore this, causing the character to gradually lose energy, leading to depleted health and unable to continue playing. In addition, you can also use the hook attached to the character’s hand as a weapon to catch fish, chicken, or wild boar. They carry an extremely rich food source.

After solving the food problem, you need to find and exploit resources. They are stone, wood, or fabric. You can combine them to craft weapons and housing items. In general, the content of the first part of Last Pirate is quite simple. It just requires you to try to stay healthy to collect materials, build buildings, and better understand how the game works. But that’s not all you have to do in this game. You are not alone on this island. Zombies and mutants await their hapless prey. You must constantly upgrade your character’s strength, crafting tools and weapons to fight them.

Quest System

Last Pirate introduces you to the opening scene, but the developer doesn’t reveal the content behind it. However, you can explore later levels through the game’s quest system. First of all, the quest system is like a play guide. They just want you to find some bananas and sticks and build a bridge to the sea. Then the task becomes more difficult as you have to approach hordes of barbaric pirates in a new land. But in return, Last Pirate also gives you attractive achievements and rewards, helping you grow more when unlocking new technologies.

 Last Pirate MOD APK

Graphics and effects

Last Pirate is a survival game with realistic graphics. It is designed with a detailed environment that contains most of the elements you can find in nature, such as grass, big trees, wildfowl, wild boar, seashore, and many more animals and plants. In addition, the game has realistic weather effects with a day and night cycle. When the sun is out, you can feel the rays of the sun shining through the foliage.

This is the right time to hunt, find food sources, and gather materials. When night falls, the fog will bring many dangers. You must have a sturdy structure to find shelter and high-tech weapons to protect yourself. In addition, Last Pirate also has an animated sound system that is mostly recorded from the real environment, from the rustling of leaves to the screams of predators.

Last Pirate MOD APK version

MOD feature

When using the MOD APK version of Last Pirate, you will unlock the Unlimited Money mod. With this amount of money, you can unlock a variety of valuable items in the game, providing a much more perfect gaming experience.

Download Last Pirate MOD APK for Android

Last Pirate is a pirate survival game, where you have to fight the undead and the most aggressive pirates to survive. Can you survive on a desert island where no human is born? Please experience the game and let us know the answer. You can download Last Pirate MOD APK for the Android version HERE.

Download Last Pirate MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.12.27

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