Kaiju Hyper Evolution MOD APK 1.1 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

Kaiju Hyper Evolution
Updated 28-08-2022 (2 years ago)
Version 1.1
Publisher lnwJuTi
Size 39M
Require Android 4.4

Kaiju Hyper Evolution is an evolution-themed game, where creatures must fight and destroy each other to rise to the top of the evolutionary chain. Surely this will be an extremely harsh battle, so can you become the ultimate being? Download Kaiju Hyper Evolution and play now, it will surely bring you unforgettable experiences. Along with that, Apkmara also brings you the Kaiju Hyper Evolution mod version with many attractive features. Let’s discover together now.

Kaiju Hyper Evolution mod apk

About Kaiju Hyper Evolution game

Kaiju Hyper Evolution gives players a 1-dimensional universe ruled by aliens. Here, creatures will hunt each other to rise to the top of this final evolutionary chain. Kaiju Hyper Evolution is created by the classic game style, which will surely give players an unforgettable experience. Here you will find yourself in a brand new monster world. However, it will not exist according to any special rules. You will be fully active in choosing your path, go to the highest point of evolution, and destroy all opponents to rise to the top position.

Background and missions in the game

Coming to Kaiju Hyper Evolution, players will experience outer space filled with remnants of stars, living cells, DNA, or aerosols… This is the space where a lot of problems can arise. The creatures here will fight, and hunt each other to survive and evolve from small cell creatures. After that, evolution will develop more tentacles and organs to become higher beings.

The aliens here have added DNA that gives them unique abilities that can’t be found in other creatures. It could be mutant cells that help convert energy into photons, lasers, or other supernatural abilities until new creatures appear.

Simple and attractive gameplay

The player’s task will be to control his creature to attack other creatures in this universe. Just rotate the character in the direction you want, crash into the creatures you want to focus on, and collect more evolution points. Small creatures will give you fewer points, while large creatures will give you more points. Of course, they will also be harder to take down.

Kaiju Hyper Evolution mod apk

Because of that, you need to choose the character to destroy more easily. Each level will require a certain number of points that you need to achieve. At that time, you will evolve to a new level, your character will evolve into a monster with many tentacles, or even these tentacles can evolve into lasers. Of course, then it will be easier for you to destroy other creatures.

In Kaiju Hyper Evolution, players can find 35 types of Kaiju and 20 different types of unique monsters, along with 15 unique skills and an interesting DNA leveling system. Surely it will help you feel more interested with this gameplay.

Graphics and sound

This is a game designed simply in the old game style. However, you will surely be surprised with the outer space that the developer has created. Images are vivid, sharp with lighting effects that make you excited.

Kaiju Hyper Evolution mod apk

In addition, the developer is also very interested in the sound, it will increase the feeling of fanciful and mystical in the outer space environment. Along with that, the sound effects when you destroy other creatures or when you evolve will help you not be bored during the experience.

What features does the Kaiju Hyper Evolution mod version have?

The Kaiju Hyper Evolution mod version gives players a lot of interesting features, especially unlimited money and gems. Specific mod features are as follows:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlock all characters
  • God Mode
  • High Dame


It can be said that this is an attractive game with the theme of evolution. With simple gameplay, players can explore the vast universe with non-stop evolution, and help their character become a monster at the top of that evolution. Download the Kaiju Hyper Evolution mod to experience the interesting things of this game.

Download Kaiju Hyper Evolution MOD APK 1.1 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

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