Idle Fleet MOD APK 0.36 (Unlimited Money)

Updated 11-09-2022 (1 year ago)
Version 0.36
Publisher Shiba Interactive Games
Size 87M
Require Android 4.4

Today, Web Name will introduce you to an extremely attractive game that is Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter. This is a very unique-styled action-strategy game. You will experience the new gameplay with high team dynamics in this game. Along with that, we also bring you the Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter mod version with more attractive features. Follow along to discover the details of this game.

Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter mod apk

About the game Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter

Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter is a game that is sure to let you explore and play fun battles. Here, you will fight with your teammates and conquer your formidable enemies. This is a world with thousands of warships, where players must always be alert because anything can happen. Along with that, do not forget to help your army become the best by collecting the most modern war machines.

Although it is a fighting game, it has rather idle gameplay, which we often see in business and shopping games, etc. However, it creates a huge attraction thanks to this new style of idle gameplay. It’s a combination of simulation, action, and strategy.

Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter was released by GDCompany not long ago, but it has attracted the attention of many gamers. In addition to the attraction of this game, the fact that it is released by a reputable game company has launched a lot of attractive games in the market, all of which have received tens of millions of downloads. Show your leadership to defeat your enemies with Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter.

Become a talented captain

Entering this fierce battle at sea, you will become a revered captain. A powerful fleet of warships with the most modern weapons is what you have. And your job is to use what you have to defeat any enemy.

These battles will have their own difficulties because it is done at sea, so it is completely different from the battles on the ground. Tactics and thinking to get victory are completely different. Therefore, each player needs to practice, and promote their leadership and tactics to become the greatest captain.

Battleship system

Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter gives you a relatively diverse warship system. The battleship will be designed differently to suit each of its own advantages and strengths. Surely, you will be surprised when these warships are designed in detail, meticulous, and clear like real-life warships.

Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter mod apk

Because of that, many gamers have shared that, as soon as they saw the image of the battleship in this game, they immediately decided to download the game and experience it. With the warships that the game gives you, you can completely upgrade them from stats, and add weapons or equipment to make your battleship stronger. Do whatever it takes to help your fleet become the strongest in this battle.

The weapon system in the game

Weapons are much more diverse than in the battleship system, players will immediately own an extremely diverse arsenal. Therefore, you can equip many different weapons for your warship. For example, torpedoes, missiles, cannons, and many others. However, you need to learn about the strengths of each weapon to use in certain situations to increase combat effectiveness.

Another very attractive point is the unmanned aircraft, it can be said that the developer has updated the latest technology in the world to include in the game. These modern aircraft will greatly assist you in battles

Looting and directing

In addition to shopping for weapons for themselves, players can also steal them from the enemies they have defeated. All the items, resources, weapons, or anything you can use, you can get it. With the resources obtained, players can create their own weapons such as missiles, robots, and lasers … with these homemade items, equip them for your warship and turn it into the most powerful fighting machines on the battlefield.

Show your leadership talent

As mentioned at the beginning, this is not only a fighting game, but it is also a strategy game. Players need to conquer each location on each island and defeat the enemy to capture those locations. However, this is not an easy thing, as you must have the right strategies to win. As a leader, you will make the best decisions and choices. Players do not need direct combat control, but just need to come up with the most reasonable way to fight. And to become the most powerful captain on the sea, you need to defeat all enemies to capture every island in this game.

Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter mod apk

Stunning graphics of Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter

Not only bringing attraction from tactics or gameplay, the graphics of Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter are also highly appreciated by players. The game is created from vivid 3D graphics, with vast images, islands, warships, and weapons clearly and meticulously. Surely you will feel that this is the most authentic game with extremely vivid and clear expression through each wave, and gun sound …, creating the attraction for this game.

What’s attractive about Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter mod version?

With Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter mod version, players will be able to use as much money as they want. Use it to shop, create invincible fighting machines and become the hegemony of this sea.


The great appeal of Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter comes from the graphics, and gameplay to the attractive equipment that the game brings. Surely the naval battles in the game will not disappoint you. If you want to become the greatest captain of the sea, download, and experience Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter mod right now.

Download Idle Fleet MOD APK 0.36 (Unlimited Money)

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