Ice Scream Tycoon MOD APK 1.0.9 (Free Rewards, No ADS)

Ice Scream Tycoon
Updated 27-09-2023 (5 months ago)
Version 1.0.9
Publisher Campero Games
Size 62M

Ice Scream Tycoon is a game suitable for all ages. If you want to learn the story of an ice cream man who kidnaps children, join this game right away. What is the plot of the game? How is the task? Please read the content below to update detailed information.

Introducing the game Ice Scream Tycoon

Ice Scream Tycoon is a funny game for your smartphone. When playing this game, you will participate in the development of an ice cream factory. What is so interesting that so many people choose to experience it?

Ice Scream Tycoon MOD APK

Ice Scream Tycoon is developed by Campero Games. The game is built on the story of an evil ice cream man named Rod Sullivan. He kidnapped you to become his henchman.

In this idle game, you have the task to make the Rod factory work properly. Meanwhile, the name Rod Sullivan is spending his time carrying out the kidnapping of many other children. However, when fighting the bad guys, you have Mini Rods to help.

Your main task in the game Ice Scream Tycoon is to make ice cream. At the same time, actively receive coins and gems that can be exchanged in the shop to improve the factory. Keep an eye on it as the kidnapper will come back from time to time to check.

The game is currently rated 4.85 out of 5 stars on the Play Store. This is enough to see the appeal of Ice Scream Tycoon, you should download and join today.

The game has a unique third-person perspective

What impresses gamers about Ice Scream Tycoon is the third-person perspective. In this position, you will have a broader view of the game to clearly observe other activities.

When experiencing the game from this perspective, you can easily see the entire character’s body. Most of all, the moves and other developments during the game are all in sight. In addition, this design also brings many other outstanding advantages such as:

  • There are specific characters.
  • Overall view of the game.
  • Easy to adjust near and far.
  • Helps players easily visualize the plot.

In particular, you also discovered another new thing when participating in the game, which is that we are on the side of the bad guys. Because Rod Sullivan has made you become his henchman, giving you the task of looking after the ice cream factory. Meanwhile, he continued to do evil deeds and fatten the children.

At this point, you will become the most important person in the factory and make everything work. On top of that, you also have full control over production and helping others.

The quest in the game is simple and fun

As soon as you join the game, you will start the process of making ice cream and making money. Let’s put the existing equipment into operation and make the first product. After that, you will receive your first payment and start working on the improvement of the factory.

Plant improvement is not so difficult by purchasing new equipment or repairing existing equipment. Keep speeding up to produce more and more ice cream. As you complete missions, it’s time to unlock new opportunities and manage the evil ice cream factory.

Ice Scream Tycoon MOD APK

What you can do is touch the screen and move as you like. When you collect the required amount of ice cream, you will be leveled up. Through each level, the requirements will also increase, but nothing is difficult when you really try and work hard.

The game is also interesting in that the workflow is closed. From the hard working workers to the professional packaging process. As a manager in Ice Scream Tycoon, you will be quite busy with your work.

3D in-game graphics, beautiful visuals and lively background music

Graphics in the game Ice Scream Tycoon are 3D. As a result, you can see the image through horizontal, vertical and depth. All create a beautiful space to increase the great experience for players.

Besides, 3D graphics also make the most of effects such as shadows, light dimensions and reflections. This also shows the developer’s enthusiasm to give players the most authentic look. The space is carefully designed, creating strong visual effects and bringing gamers to a world full of fantasy.

It can be seen that 3D graphics in the game is a trend that many developers love. In it, Ice Scream Tycoon is also not outside. The game gives players the most perfect experience moments.

Not stopping there, Ice Scream Tycoon comes in many bright colors. In particular, the character creation is quite unique to avoid confusion with other games appearing on the market. As a result, recognition is also much higher.

Ice Scream Tycoon is also appreciated for its lively and fun soundtrack. Thus, every moment of experiencing the game brings you excitement. At the same time, stay away from boredom like so many other games on the market today.

Scientifically designed game layout

Ice Scream Tycoon has specific information clearly presented on the screen. Specifically, the amount of ice cream, gold coins, and gems you accumulate during the game. The higher the level of participation, the more employees you own, and the size of the factory needs to increase as well.

Ice Scream Tycoon MOD APK

The production atmosphere at the factory is extremely bustling, so each person tries to complete their tasks well. Each screen will have a specific amount of time to help you control the gameplay.

On the other hand, you need to understand the rules of the game to complete the assigned task well. About every 60 minutes, Rod Sullivan will return to the factory and inspect within 5 minutes. If he gets angry, he will quickly freeze everything in the area, causing the factory’s production to slow down.

Enhance the experience with the MOD version – Free Rewards, No Ads

If you want to have the perfect experience when playing Ice Scream Tycoon, immediately download the MOD version – Free Rewards, No Ads. This is the free bonus function and there are no ads. Accordingly, you can get free stuff without watching ads.

Only participating in Ice Scream Tycoon will help you understand the unique and interesting story. At the same time, you also practice skills to become a good ice cream factory manager. Above all, there is a lot of loot waiting for you to collect and rank up.

Thus, you have understood more about the game Ice Scream Tycoon after reading the above analysis. If you want to experience it for yourself and have an objective review, download the game now. I believe you will find moments of extreme entertainment to dispel daily stress and fatigue.

Download Ice Scream Tycoon MOD APK 1.0.9 (Free Rewards, No ADS)

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