Ice Scream 2 MOD APK 1.1.4 (Menu/Immortal, unlocked hints)

Ice Scream 2 APK
Updated 28-08-2023 (1 month ago)
Version 1.1.4
Publisher Keplerians Horror Games
Size 139M
Require Android 4.4

Do you like ice cream? We’re sure you have some great childhood memories with the ice cream vendors in your neighborhood. However, all those sweet memories turn into unpleasant and scary memories, when we tell you that the ice-cream seller is secretly kidnapping your friends and freezing them with his ice-cold breath. Then what will happen? To discover this, let’s come with APKMARA to the game Ice Scream Episode 2.

About Ice Scream Episode 2

Surely this will ruin your great memories and turn them into bad ones, right? It’s unbelievable how friendly-looking ice cream sellers can be so scary. Luckily for you, it was just a made-up story. But for our friends in Ice Scream Episode 2, everything is real, and threats are always present. You never know when you will become the next victim. Now the ice cream guy is back, and welcome to another horror thriller with Ice Scream Episode 2. Learn more about this amazing mobile game from Keplerian Horror Games with our article below.

Ice Scream 2 APK

The plot

Following the previous events that happened in the first part of Ice Scream, the Ice Cream seller has kidnapped your best friend along with other children. And you happened to witness all this horror, as he used some sort of superpower to freeze your best friend right in front of your eyes. But luckily, he didn’t notice you and couldn’t detect your existence.

While you’re safe for now, how do you know when this seemingly friendly guy will target you or your other friends? And most of all, you are extremely worried about your best friend and decide to rescue him from the hands of death. To do that, you will have to get inside the scary ice-cream seller’s truck and do whatever it takes to rescue your best friend.

Attractive gameplay

Immerse yourself in the amazing gameplay, with a series of exciting events that you will have to solve in Ice Scream Episode 2. Also, entertain yourself with the amazing puzzles and challenges in the arcade game, and make it through to go to the end.

But be careful, because our friendly ice cream guy – Rod is not as friendly as he tries to impress others. That means, always be on the lookout for potential dangers whenever you’re around him. At the same time, you must always be sharp to quickly respond to dangerous situations.

The game recreates the scary and thrilling experiences you usually encounter with Granny: Chapter Two and Five Nights at Freddy’s 2. But this time, there’s no creepy old lady or cartoons chasing you. Instead, a friendly-looking ice-cream seller can certainly fool you with his innocence.

Ice Scream 2 APK

Avoid danger

Ice Scream Episode 2 will let you dive into the great game of hiding and seek, as you do your best to stay away from the evil ice cream seller as he searches around the truck. Make sure you hide it carefully so he can’t see you when he walks past. Be careful not to make any loud noises, as Rod will listen for all unusual sounds, and easily spot you when you’re not sneaking around. That is to say, it is important to use your quick wits and patience to stay away from him, as well as fool him when he tries to approach you.

The interactive environment with lots of fun elements

And while you’re in the car and follow the creepy ice-cream seller to his hideout, you’ll also be familiar with the interactive environment in Ice Scream Episode 2 – which contains many secrets that you can uncover. Do this by freely interacting with items and props around you in search of clues. Analyze what you’ve established, and start investigating as you progress in the game. Use your wits to quickly uncover secrets and move on to the next. There will be lots of fun puzzles and challenges for you to overcome in the following events.

Experience different scenarios throughout your adventure

Speaking of which, Android gamers in Ice Scream Episode 2: Horror Neighborhood will also have access to in-game scenarios, with plenty of exciting secrets to uncover as well as impending dangers for your attention. Get on the truck and start the journey to the evil’s lair to uncover all the hidden secrets.

Ice Scream 2 APK

Horror scenes

Plus, as you progress in the game, you’ll also find yourself challenged by incredible scares. Besides, the well-established scenes will totally make you think. That is to say, be prepared for whatever horror is happening before your eyes, as you never know what might happen. The gory scenes, heightened horror, and more will all combine to give you much more enjoyable horror gameplay.

Ice Scream Episode 2 MOD APK version

MOD feature


Download the MOD APK version of Ice Scream Episode 2 for Android

With exciting and thrilling gameplay, you won’t be too surprised if you love this great game from the publisher Keplerian Horror Games. Discover for yourself the events of the popular horror series, while enjoying completely unlimited gameplay in our mod.

You can download the MOD APK of Ice Scream Episode 2 for Android HERE.

Download Ice Scream 2 MOD APK 1.1.4 (Menu/Immortal, unlocked hints)

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