Horror Show MOD APK (Free Shopping) v1.01

Horror Show APK + MOD
Updated 15-06-2022 (2 years ago)
Version 1.01
Publisher Azur Interactive Games Limited
Size 132M
Require Android 4.4

Horror Show Mod is a zombie horror-style action game published by Azur Interactive Games. The scenario takes place at an island resort, where there is a long-abandoned farm with the sign “Do not approach”. Out of curiosity, you and some of your friends came up with the idea to explore this abandoned farm. What’s more mysterious? Please explore with APKMARA through the article below!

 Horror Show APK + MOD

About Horror Show

As soon as Azur Interactive Games Limited launched the experimental version of Horror Show, it caught the attention of horror game lovers around the world due to its unprecedented appeal and fear. When coming to this game, what will you choose? Will you dare to fight for victory, take lives or hunt down innocent victims?

The scene is so gloomy

For a fresh take on the upcoming vacation, you team up with three other people and decide to go to an abandoned farmhouse to explore. To make the fun more interesting, people decided to explore this area at night to increase the excitement. There’s nothing strange about Primero, just the view and the black night. However, you suddenly realize that your team is not alone here. There is a psycho who is always ready to kill those unfortunates who trespass on his territory. You must make a decision in the face of a dangerous threat to your life!

Very interesting gameplay

Currently, there are many survival horror games. So what made the Horror Show such a huge phenomenon? In this game, the weak don’t just run and scream. Players can choose whatever they want, and can choose between Survival and Maniac roles. The missions are also customized according to the character you choose. If you are a survivor, your mission is to run away and try to save the survivors. As a madman, your duty is to hunt down and kill all the survivors.

Do you want to be the hunter or the prey? Personally, when experiencing this game, I prefer the role of a psychopath. Instead of letting fear completely overwhelm you, you are now free to wield the weapons at hand to destroy those who dare venture into your lands. This role gives you the ability to know what the survivors are up to, making it easy to track them down and find a way to catch them. In addition, in Maniac mode, you can become a smart assassin and create your own strategy to destroy the most intruders. There are up to three assassins to choose from, each with their own unique weapons and fighting styles.

 Horror Show APK + MOD

Diverse character system

While the player can only choose from four available characters at first, as you progress through the Horror Show world, you’ll unlock more and more characters. Each of them has unique traits, special points, and abilities to give you a big advantage when running away.

Not only that, by earning bonuses, players can level up their characters to make them stronger and move faster. Speed is an advantage in games like this, as you are not dependent on fugitives or hunters! In addition, upgrading is also a part of the game process that players must perform.

The control mechanism is extremely easy

Horror Show is only released on mobile platforms, so it has a user-friendly control system to help you operate easily on touch screen devices. To control the movement of the character, the player only needs to use the left finger to move the screen according to the DPad button. The virtual icons on the right side of the screen are used to perform actions.

Players just need to let the character move randomly around the map, the buttons that operate them will appear when approaching the interactive element. For example, Survival can collect items or heal teammates. If you’re an assassin, you’ll see an attack button near you.

 Horror Show APK + MOD

As you can see, the gameplay and controls of Horror Show are quite easy to handle, players simply need to move around the map while automatic actions are performed every time the character has an ability. But that doesn’t mean this is an easy challenge to overcome. Time and health are limited. Little by little, your character will be exhausted in this deadly journey. If you do not have a smart strategy, you will fall into the death trap.

Awesome graphics and sound

Horror Show is a horror game with the usual gloomy graphics. An abandoned farmhouse with scattered furniture, gloomy houses, and dim lights as if a sign of impending death. Moreover, the gore effect and ghostly sound accompanied by screams add to the tension. This is really a game worth experiencing, isn’t it!

Horror Show MOD APK version

MOD feature

Free Shopping: You can buy items, characters, and upgrades completely for free if you use the MOD APK version. Even if you have 0 coins, you can still buy in-game items.

Download Horror Show MOD APK for Android

Horror Show is said to be one of the most prominent and unique names in the horror game genre today. If you love chases or escapes, don’t miss this fascinating game. You can download the original APK file or the MOD APK (Free Shopping) version to get extra benefits.

Download Horror Show MOD APK (Free Shopping) v1.01

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