High School Crush – Love Story MOD APK 1.5.7 (Unlimited Money)

High School Crush - Love Story
Updated 04-11-2022 (1 month ago)
Publisher Coco Play By Tabtale
RequireAndroid 6.0

High School Crush – Love Story is a game that tells the story of high school love. You will become the person who helps the main character become beautiful to face the gentleman. If you want to learn more about this game, take the time to read the analysis from APKMARA right below.

High School Crush - Love Story MOD APK

About High School Crush – Love Story 

High School Crush – Love Story is a product of Coco play By Tabtale. The developer has devoted a lot of effort to the game with an attractive storyline and outstanding features. As a result, you will find more interesting and engaging experiences than ever before.

The story is about a girl in high school. One fine day, she fell in love with a handsome guy. Join this game to help the main character stand out in the upcoming prom.

When you join High School Crush – Love Story, you also experience flirting and dating. The aftertaste of love always makes anyone sob, happy as well as full of happiness. Help her to impress her other half by dressing beautifully.

Stylish outfits will help the girl become stylish. At the same time, combine the dance steps to become a skilled dancer. All combinations are endless, do not hesitate to try to create the most perfect version.

Are you ready for a wonderful high school love story? You will meet a new guy, so cute, with a bright smile. At the same time, keep accumulating points to become a popular girl admired by many people.

Outstanding features in the game

High School Crush – Love Story gives players many outstanding features. When participating the game is also the time when you immerse yourself in a true love story:

Choose an outfit

On the first day of school, you need to choose a standout outfit. Being a girl, finding clothes also takes a lot of time. You should go to the mall to find the right style for you.

In addition, you should pay attention to the harmonious combination of clothes so as not to be out of tune. To make a good first impression, you need to make the girl stand out. At the same time, wherever you go, you will receive the admiration of others.

High School Crush - Love Story MOD APK


The game High School Crush – Love Story is geared towards a high school love story. Therefore, flirting is always focused. You can do this at a coffee shop, having fun meetings with handsome male gods.

Do not secretly love and miss someone, make your love story a reality. Appearing with beautiful clothes, now you just need to flirt with your opponent so that they are fluttering.

Perform dances skillfully

You will join a party where a lot of people join. Don’t be afraid to show your talent through dance, so be flexible in your steps. I believe that your every move quickly attracts the attention of the others in the party.

Being a pretty girl and a good dancer will help you to better hold that person’s heart. Actively play hard in the game High School Crush – Love Story to get the expected results.

Continuously collect hearts and earn popularity points

The game High School Crush – Love Story has the feature of collecting hearts and earning popularity points. The more you achieve this, the faster people will notice. Even other guys don’t stop looking for you.

If you want to complete the mission in the game, you must become the most popular girl in school. It feels great to always be noticed and confident every step of the way.

Do your makeup and take care of yourself

In addition to choosing the right outfit for yourself, don’t forget to put on makeup. The game allows players to choose from countless makeup items. Typically, lipsticks, powders, eyeliners, eyelash extensions, etc.

In addition, you can do hair styling for the main character. That girl has long or short hair, the right hair color depends entirely on your choice.

Not only that, the game High School Crush – Love Story also has a Spa feature. Accordingly, you should pamper yourself by taking care of your facial skin. This will help you become very young, more and more beautiful.

In particular, nail activities at the Nail salon are also worth noting. You will be pampered, filed, painted and designed by an expert. All have been carefully prepared to create the most perfect version for the girl.

Pose to capture amazing frames

Characters in the game High School Crush – Love Story also have a pose feature. You need to control how to take sexy photos and become the star of the school newspaper. The content will refer to your love story as well as the people who always care about you.

High School Crush  MOD APK

Graphics sound in the game is beautiful to every millimeter

High School Crush – Love Story is more than just amazing features. Moreover, this game also gives players a sense of satisfaction because of the beautiful graphics. Specifically, creating beautiful characters, using bright colors full of love.

The boys in the game also appear with a dashing, masculine image. This makes any girl fall in love at first sight.

If you want to write your own love story, join the game right away. Be that special girl, conquer your opponent and make your high school memorable. Because anyone can’t relive youth again.

Not stopping there, the game has fun sounds that directly affect the player’s emotions. You always find excitement and fun in every moment of participating in the game. The sweet images motivate players to draw up a perfect story.

Full experience with MOD version – Unlimited Money

Download High School Crush – Love Story with MOD version – Unlimited money now. Through which, you will get the best experience. For example, shopping for clothes, makeup, nails, etc. is comfortable without having to worry about costs.

Besides, the file loads quickly, not making you wait long. Currently, the game has been rated 4/5 stars by a large number of players. This is enough to see the attraction as well as the urge to experience anyone. Do not forget to share this great game with many friends and compare the results together.

Thus, High School Crush – Love Story is a game that tells a sweet high school love story. If you want to conquer this game, find moments of extreme entertainment and enjoy amazing 3D graphics, download it today.

Download High School Crush – Love Story MOD APK 1.5.7 (Unlimited Money)

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