Guidus: Pixel Roguelike RPG MOD APK 1.1016 (Unlimited Money)

guidus pixel roguelike rpg
Updated 05-09-2022 (2 years ago)
Version 1.1016
Publisher izzle
Size 61M
Require Android 4.4

RPG games for mobile phones are always an extremely favorite “spiritual food” for gamers. Because of that, many well-known game publishers are still on the verge of publishing such games. And one of the names that APKMARA wants to mention today is Guidus: Pixel Rogue-like RPG APK of the Izzle publisher. Let’s explore this game through our post below!

About Guidus: Pixel Rogue-like RPG

Evil always finds a way to awaken to destroy what we have in a role-playing game like Guidus: Pixel Rogue-like RPG. So destroying and repelling them is the only way to achieve flawless victory. But it’s not a job that everyone can do. 

Guidus : Pixel Roguelike RPG  mod apk

It is the heroes who take on the role of carrying out this mission. Use your weapons and face your enemies fearlessly. Plunge into dark and dangerous places to uncover new mysteries. Let’s destroy the dark plots of the villains in this game.

You don’t have to “go far” for a challenging journey into a fantasy world. That’s because RPGs like Guidus: Pixel Rogue are RPGs that can fulfill those needs. It brings us back to a classic style with a fairly simple style with pixelated images.

But the plot of Guidus: Pixel Rogue-like RPG is not so simple. Many situations are built to gather into a great legend – where heroes can find the courage to defeat difficulties. From there, players can discover new things while playing this game.

Fight and defeat the darkness

Your royal palace is slowly losing control as the forces of darkness rise again. They began to bring their fiercest beasts to the earth. Heroes have been dispatched to fight the enemy. Players will send their characters to the deep dungeons to find the source of the monsters and destroy them all. Only after the monster is destroyed and the guards are defeated, can you complete your mission. Move sensibly to avoid getting hit and taking damage from surrounding enemies and try to go as far as you can.

Diverse hero system

The game creates character classes that match each object’s preferences and playstyle. We have a total of five main character classes including witch, swordsman, wind spirit, priest and archer. In addition, there will be many other character classes updated later. You can choose anyone based on how the game is succinctly described.

Guidus : Pixel Roguelike RPG

The starter guide will help you understand the game more quickly, thereby choosing a more suitable fighting style for each person. After a while playing the game, you will gain more knowledge about how to build strength in each person. You need to upgrade equipment and skills to optimize your skills. More new details can be found later in the game. 

Defeat bosses and monsters

Guidus: Pixel Rogue-like RPG has an extremely diverse system of enemies. Various types of monsters will live in different floors of the dungeon. When they attack, they also show special abilities to cause certain discomfort to you. For example, some have the ability to spit fire, poison, or just suck blood.

To overcome these types, we must know how to approach them and how to destroy them. There are a lot of good strategies to get through the dungeon floors. However, the boss that appears will often get in your way when fighting. Simply because they have 5 or 6 times more stats than regular monsters.

Rich trap and treasure system

When entering the dungeon, you will find many things that can prevent you from collecting your equipment. It’s hard to avoid traps along the way. It can be a well, a mill, a saw, a hedge of thorns and others. But when we overcome these traps, the treasure chest will be right next to it, we will find many very rare things to equip and win in the Guidus: Pixel Rogue-like RPG mod.

What’s new in Guidus: Pixel Rogue-like RPG APK MOD?

Guidus : Pixel Roguelike RPG

Equipped with ultra-modern combat weapons

Guidus: Pixel Rogue-like RPG allows the player to be equipped with modern, varied and improved weapons when conditions permit. From there, the ability to destroy the enemy is perfect and best.

Simple game graphic design, easy to control

Guidus: Pixel Rogue-like RPG allows the player to be equipped with modern, varied and improved weapons when conditions permit. From there, the ability to destroy the enemy is perfect and best.

Various devices to unlock

On your journey to rescue the palace, you will have small combat challenges to unlock modern equipment and from there it will be easier to destroy the enemies who are monsters.

Integrated rescue map

In Guidus, the palace occupied was very large, with many different routes. Thus creating convenience and saving time for players. Guidus: Pixel Rogue-like RPG features a built-in map that will help you find your way directly into the palace. From there, make the most appropriate attack.

MOD APK version of Guidus: Pixel Rogue-like RPG 

MOD Feature

Disable enemies: This feature of the MOD APK version of Guidus: Pixel Rogue-like RPG makes it much easier for players to when performing missions.

Download Guidus: Pixel Rogue-like RPG MOD APK for Android

You want to be a pompous hero who saves the kingdom from darkness and monsters? Spend your free time by downloading Guidus: Pixel Roguelike following the link in the website post.

Download Guidus: Pixel Roguelike RPG MOD APK 1.1016 (Unlimited Money)

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