FIFA Mobile MOD APK v20.0.03 (Unlimited Money)

Updated 28-09-2023 (8 months ago)
Version 20.0.03
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Require Android 4.4

When it comes to football – the king sport, we can’t help but mention video games, whether on any platform from PC, or PlayStation to mobile phones. Now, without bulky desktop sets or expensive PS systems, you can play FIFA MOBILE right on your “mobile phone”. Let Apkmara learn about this game through our article below!



Do you love the best soccer games? FIFA MOBILE is one of the best football games you can download to your Android phone. It can be said that ELECTRONIC ARTS is one of the most famous game publishers in the world. They have games from popular series like Need for Speed, Plants vs Zombies, and FIFA MOBILE.

And in this article, I will introduce to you the latest football game of this publisher – FIFA MOBILE. It was first released on handheld devices in 1993 and was the first game licensed by FIFA. Now you can also play FIFA MOBILE directly on your Android device.

Choose your favorite football team

As mentioned, FIFA MOBILE is a franchise licensed by FIFA, so you can find most of the teams here. There are two types of teams corresponding to two types of leagues for each club and country. You can choose your favorite team like Spain, France, Russia or Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona, etc. Of course, existing players on the team can also be substituted. But with the national teams, it should be noted that the players have the same Nationality.

Let’s practice to play better

Lessons are essential to help you better understand the game, as well as the rules, controls, and gameplay. FIFA MOBILE integrates kickoff mode into the opening part, so you have to complete the basic workouts like in the actual match.


In fact, Kickoff not only provides playing skills but can also help players practice, learn defensive tactics or play tactics like the Tiki-Taka used by Barcelona.

Conquer the top leagues in Europe

There are dozens of major tournaments in FIFA Soccer including La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, MLS, Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League… The progression of these tournaments is slightly different, but the goal of each ball game is still to win to score points. In later rounds, you will face better and more experienced opponents. But don’t worry, it gives you plenty of time. You can even practice and participate in multiple tournaments at the same time. The competitive process will bring you more experience, improved tactical organization, and a more competent game.

FIFA MOBILE also rates players based on their achievements. Play your best, and maybe you could find your name on the world leaderboards!

Join PvP mode to play with friends

A football match would be boring if only playing against AI. Although there are many tournaments, the feeling of playing is not really realistic and makes you lose motivation after a long time. Therefore, FIFA MOBILE has developed a feature that allows you to play with your friends using an internet connection. You need to ensure a stable internet connection if you do not want the game to be interrupted.

Looking for the brightest players

In FIFA MOBILE you can build your dream team. Do you love Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandowski or Cristiano Ronaldo? Of course, you can put them on the same team! FIFA MOBILE has a diverse player system. Nowadays, you can find most of the most popular players. However, players have different base stats and ratings, so sometimes you’re the same player but in different versions.

As players level up, they’ll play better, synergize better with their teammates, have more stamina, and unlock special soccer abilities. In addition, you can also check other information about these players, for example Playstyle, attributes, height, weight, and best playing position.


You can search for new players when you visit the training and practice grounds. You can also complete daily quests and challenges to get random players out of the system.

“Var” technology in FIFA Football

FIFA Football is a new step forward in the use of “ var technologies”. The game has been greatly improved in AI, making dribbling, shooting, and ball trajectory more accurate and flexible. Everything is recorded and reproduced with Var technology, so you will feel the ball more realistically. Even free kicks, corners, or penalties are more accurate. It can be said that “VAR technology” in this game makes your experience more interesting and immersive.

3D graphics are too realistic

In FIFA Football, the moments that make the players most excited are the dribbles and kicks. The players celebrate with every goal while still maintaining the same form as in real life. The color 3D background from the back is extremely realistic, bringing real and unforgettable moments like the big tournaments in the world like the World Cup or the Champions League.

Download FIFA Soccer MOD APK for Android

FIFA MOBILE is one of the most popular sports games in the world. It is available in 18 languages and installed on hundreds of millions of devices, including mobile phones and laptops. Now FIFA Soccer is free to download. Install it on your Android device, form your favorite team, and conquer the biggest leagues in the world.

Download FIFA Mobile MOD APK v20.0.03 (Unlimited Money)

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