Fatal Evidence 4 f2p MOD APK 1.0.38 (Unlimited Money)

Fatal Evidence 4 f2p
Updated 27-09-2023 (5 months ago)
Version 1.0.38
Publisher Do Games Limited
Size 61MB
Require Android 7.0

Fatal Evidence 4 F2P is the fourth chapter in a series of detective missions to find objects. Your task is to solve puzzles, participate in games and collect. If you want to learn more about the game, take the time to read the post provided by APKMARA right here.

About Fatal Evidence 4 F2P

Fatal Evidence 4 F2P is developed by Games Limited and released on April 6, 2022. This brand new game has attracted the attention of many players thanks to its good story. At the same time, you need to spend a lot of time exploring and completing assigned tasks.

Fatal Evidence 4 f2p MOD

Accordingly, there were a series of murders that took place but no clues were found. However, these cases have many similarities with the previous case because the handwriting of criminals is very similar.

It is worth mentioning here that the intelligence agent is forced to bring up an old case about a serial killer nicknamed The Photographer because a copycat of him has appeared in the city.

This criminal constantly leaves messages and threats against you. If you don’t act quickly, you will become his next victim.

Your task is to find hidden objects. At the same time, you must find ways to prevent further murders. Use all your focus and cunning to stop the killer before it’s too late.

Fatal Evidence 4 F2P belongs to the puzzle game genre. This game brings many adventures waiting for you to discover. You can find hidden pictures and unlock all new branches of the story.

Join the game to embark on a thrilling investigation

Fatal Evidence 4 F2P is built on the plot of a series of murders in the city. All the evidence found points to an imitator. Joining this game, you will engage in the process of investigating crime scenes and investigating witnesses.

Besides, you need to perform fingerprinting, and search for evidence and suspects. In this game, players are challenged a lot with puzzles and tasks. Sometimes, you also have to prove your ingenuity through each round.

What’s worth mentioning about Fatal Evidence 4 F2P is that sometimes things don’t appear right in front of you because there are many things hidden in every corner that we cannot know in advance. However, with just a little attention, you will easily discover as well as find clues.

In addition to focusing on the puzzle, you also have to pay attention because some special cases will put you in a dangerous situation. At this time, the bad guys will have the opportunity to harm you and your life is at stake.

During the game, you also have additional tasks. Also, don’t forget to collect your own morphing objects, crime scene photos, and coins. These are absolutely necessary to help the puzzle process go faster.

The game is divided into different chapters

Not everyone is suitable to play Fatal Evidence 4 F2P. If you are impatient, you will quickly give up because countless puzzles require a lot of time to reason. At the same time, the items that need to be searched are hidden deep in many hard-to-see locations.

Fatal Evidence 4 f2p MOD

All chapters included in the game are carefully calculated. Just take the time to observe, and search every nook and cranny, and you will surely find clues. Also, zoom in on the locations to see the problem better.

Besides, the game also provides a map function. Use them to quickly move between locations. Above all, this function helps players save time to the maximum.

Not only that, Fatal Evidence 4 F2P is divided into specific chapters. Joining the game is also the time for you to discover:

  • Chapter 1: Roderick
  • Chapter 2: Movie.
  • Chapter 3: Subway.
  • Chapter 4: House.
  • Chapter 5: Park.
  • Chapter 6: Dinner.
  • Chapter 7: Hospital.
  • Chapter 8: Bonus Chapter.
  • Chapter 9: Collectibles.

Play puzzle games to become smarter

Participating in the game Fatal Evidence 4 F2P, players will be able to practice thinking and logical analysis. At the same time, you also notice significantly improved visibility and quick reflexes. Above all, this also stimulates the brain to analyze and process situations in the game.

Take the challenge included in Fatal Evidence 4 F2P, it also helps you practice perseverance. In particular, you also increase creativity and rich imagination.

Not stopping there, the game’s language is English. Therefore, in order to complete the assigned tasks, you must understand the terms. Therefore, participating in Fatal Evidence 4 F2P is both for entertainment purposes and to increase your vocabulary effectively.

Beautiful graphics and realistic sound

Graphics in the game Fatal Evidence 4 F2P are built with beautiful 3D images. You can observe things in 3 dimensions: vertical, horizontal, and deep. Above all, the game has bright colors that give a strong impression to you right from the first time you join.

Fatal Evidence 4 f2p MOD

The sound in the game is extremely realistic, bringing a good role-playing feeling; typically, the sound of saws, scissors cutting, running water, unlocking keys, leaking gas pipes, and shooting guns…

A series of murders are happening in the city. Prevent this situation by participating in the investigation of the case today. The details contained in Fatal Evidence 4 F2P will surely bring you many interesting experiences.

MOD version – Unlimited Money

Fatal Evidence 4 F2P has a MOD version – Unlimited Money. This function gives players unlimited money, free to buy items to solve puzzles. From there, it becomes easier to overcome obstacles and find clues. 

So, if you want to own the outstanding features mentioned above, quickly download Fatal Evidence 4 F2P right away. You have complete peace of mind when experiencing this because your personal information is strictly confidential. The installation process takes only a few minutes, with light capacity.

Thus, you have a good understanding of the functions of the game Fatal Evidence 4 F2P through the above post. If you need any other support, please connect to Apkmara today. Hopefully, the suggestions from https://apkmara.com/ have brought a lot of useful information to readers.

Download Fatal Evidence 4 f2p MOD APK 1.0.38 (Unlimited Money)

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