Empire Defender TD MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v2.17.5

Empire Defender TD MOD APK
Updated 11-09-2022 (2 years ago)
Version 2.17.5
Publisher ZITGA
Size 147M
Require Android 5.0

Empire Defender TD is a highly strategic fighting game that requires players to use smart and creative tactics. The game is developed by ZITGA, and this version is MOD APK for free. Let’s APKMARA explore this game through our article below!

Empire Defender TD MOD APK

About Empire Defender TD

The plot of Empire Defender TD is about a beautiful world called Ioria, where many different races live in peace: fairies, humans, dwarves, trolls, elves, monsters, and many legendary characters. The game tells the story of the war between the kingdoms of Endia and Grando. Leader Grando, with his aggressiveness and arrogance, aroused his ambition to become king of all Ioria. And his top target is also the country with the most favorable location in the world – Endia.

The game is the battle of Prince Jave, the son of King Endia, who will lead his royal army into battle on the battlefield to stop the invasion of the Grando clan. You are a prince with a mission to lead, assign and devise the right tactics to bring victory to your army.

Empire Defender TD MOD APK

What is the mission in Empire Defender TD?

Just like other mobile games of the same genre, in just one step, you will become a talented strategist, who controls generals and deploys troops in all directions without encountering any barriers. You will have the right to kill, build armies and buildings to serve the war. Moreover, you will find ways to destroy all enemies and win to bring peace to the whole world.

The tasks in the game take place a lot and continuously, from the first seconds, you have to focus extremely high. After that, the situation became tenser and tenser as the number of monsters increased, becoming even more aggressive, causing the speed of the game to increase. You have to play and memorize (or even write them on your phone) each species with its strengths and weaknesses to react appropriately, even to defensive and offensive tactics. This will be the time when we understand the meaning of the principle of “He who sees through life and death will meet most success”.

The gameplay is light, the game mode is rich and extremely addictive

Empire Defender TD offers you a wide choice of game modes: war, event, and hero challenge. Playing War is the favorite mode of the majority of gamers. You will have tons of levels to play at CPU speed with increasing difficulty. There are a total of up to 9 bosses that appear one after another and make your life in the game even more complicated.

Events mode is a nice level, but it’s crazy hard with hundreds of attacks by large and small monsters, and the boss can attack continuously without needing to heal. In Hero Challenges mode, you can control the heroes of the game, and guide them to complete challenges together, experimenting freely without constraints.

Before each level, we get a (small) amount to build soldiers in the base fortress. The more enemies you kill, the more money you make. With the money earned, you decide to add new soldiers or build one of the legendary strongholds in the game. Every move you make will affect the survival time of the battle royale army. Therefore, think carefully before making a decision.

Empire Defender TD MOD APK

The difference compared to other strategy games

Empire Defender TD is different from the usual strategy fighting games. Not only has beautiful graphics, but each hero in Empire Defender TD possesses a huge source of power. You have to awaken the potential and bring out the full fighting ability of each individual quickly. The game has a total of 10 heroes, each with 1 dynamic skill (attack) and 3 static skills (defense). In each level, you can use up to 3 heroes. Moreover, you will have more chances of winning if you know how to arrange a reasonable strategy.

The mighty fortress is the ultimate weapon in the game

No other tactical fighting game on mobile has built such a detailed and powerful fortress system as Empire Defender TD. During the game, you have a total of 4 types of fortresses. Each type has its own characteristics, form, and combat advantages.

Barrack Tower

The first is the barracks tower: this is where you train elite soldiers with high combat power. Barracks towers are ideal for blocking enemy attacks, slowing them down, and cornering them into ambush positions.

Empire Defender TD MOD APK

Archer Tower

Second, Archer tower. This is a tower that specializes in fast attack speed to kill enemies quickly, and the best solution is to save soldiers for other fortresses in an urgent situation. Archer Tower has not had too high damage, but the speed and distance of attacks are very high.

Magic Tower

Third, the magic tower. This fortress is equipped with many enchantments, and it is controlled by the best magicians in the kingdom. Therefore, it has extremely high damage and summons several Magic Dragon friends, so as to aid in the battle and make it easier for the protagonist to fight and win.

Golem Tower

Fourth, also the last stronghold: Golem tower. This is the boss of all the fortresses in the game. It has great power and very high damage controlled by high-end commando generals. In particular, this fortress can throw huge rocks at enemies to create powerful attacks, etc… The only weakness of Golem Tower is its slow cool down and slightly slow attack speed.

Empire Defender TD MOD APK version

MOD feature

Unlimited money.

Download Empire Defender TD MOD APK for Android

Empire Defender TD promises to bring players the most interesting and unique experiences. Show your tactical talent by using your army to fight and win. Download Empire Defender TD Mod, and become a talented strategist who fights hard to protect your kingdom and people HERE.

Download Empire Defender TD MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v2.17.5

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