Dragon Warrior Legend Champion APK 2.0.1 (Unlimited Money)

Dragon Warrior Legend Champion
Updated 23-02-2023 (1 year ago)
Version 2.0.1
Publisher MGameStudio
Size 59M
Require Android 5.0

Dragon Warrior Legend Champion is an extremely attractive strategy game today. It is a very interesting dragon ball-style game for Android phones if you want to experience an action game. It is set in the classic comic book Dragon Ball Dragon, then Dragon Warrior Legend Champion mod is the game for you. Let’s find out in detail the attractive features of this game right below.

About Dragon Warrior Legend Champion

When experiencing the game Dragon Warrior Legend Champion, players will be immersed in the world of dragon warriors with eye-catching action scenes. Join other players to create epic battles and you will be the only survivor in this game.

Dragon Warrior Legend Champion mod apk

Dragon Warrior Legend Champion is an anime fighting game created with thrilling action, players will fight to become legends. So are you the chosen warrior! Choose your favorite character and go on this journey. Defeat every enemy short your way and unlock to experience the strongest warriors.

Since its launch, the Dragon Warrior Legend Champion game has been highly appreciated by players among the action role-playing games, not only fighting but also having a great goal for the player, that is becoming the champion, the strongest. However, keep in mind that on the way to glory, you will meet many strong opponents, and do you have the confidence to defeat them?

Characters in the game

If you’ve ever read the famous story of the seven dragon balls, associated with many people’s childhoods, then surely you are not strange to the superhero characters in the game. Experience the game Dragon Warrior Legend Champion, players will get an army and join them to fight the enemy. The player’s task is to assemble a squad, combine their own skills to form the strongest army, and fight the enemy.

And here, you are the commander of the army to fight your enemies. Others will assist you in this battle to help increase the number of possibilities to get the maximum power by 1,000,000,000.


It’s your dragon. Each dragon in the game will be of different purebred breeds. Therefore, they will have different structures and strengths that you can hardly predict. Each dragon will have many stats that players need to pay attention to use properly.

Dragon Warrior Legend Champion mod apk

The game is built with the team element in mind, which is an important part of Dragon Warrior Legend Champion. If you are a person who knows how to combine properly, you will create many advantages for yourself.

Team building

To have a strong squad, and to help you deploy good tactics, players need to collect dragons in the highest position. They will have great skills to help you in every battle.


Dragon Warrior Legend Champion brings you many maps with missions that players need to perform. Each mission in each map will be a campaign that closely adheres to the dragon ball storyline. However, each campaign will be closely followed with different stories. Therefore, in order to understand the best, you need to learn from the beginning.

Features of Dragon Warrior Legend Champion

Join the tournament and become the champion. The game gives players many different modes along with attractive warriors. Here are some highlights of Dragon Warrior Legend Champion:

Dragon Warrior Legend Champion mod apk
  • The game is built on a fairly simple 3D graphics platform, so it will be less occupied for the mobile device.
  • Dragon Warrior Legend Champion gives players a variety of attractive game modes to play and experience.
  • There are 23 superhero characters for players to explore.
  • Extremely attractive graphic effects.
  • Very new fighting style.
  • The control is relatively easy, players only need to use the most basic navigation keys.
  • Unlock exciting new characters.
  • The game is compatible with most devices using the Android operating system.

What does Dragon Warrior Legend Champion mod version have?

With the Dragon Warrior Legend Champion version, players will be brought a feature that any gamer needs to use, which is free shopping. Buy whatever you want to create the strongest army.


Dragon Warrior Legend Champion game requires you to build a powerful army and use the best, longest-lasting strategy for your character. Enjoy the great features that Dragon Warrior Legend Champion mod brings. If you love this interesting game, download and experience it right away.

Download Dragon Warrior Legend Champion APK 2.0.1 (Unlimited Money)

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