Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins Freeplay MOD APK 1.816.125 (Unlocked)

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins
Updated 05-09-2022 (2 years ago)
Version 1.816.125
Publisher Maze Theory
Size 557M
Require Android 5.0

If you are a hard fan of the hit TV series Doctor Who, then you should definitely not miss the Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins game – one of the highly-rated games on the mobile phone platform. The game will give you extremely scary moments when exploring a dark world. Explore this game with APKMARA through the post below!

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins Mod APK

About Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is a mysterious adventure game launched on mobile platforms at the end of March 2021. The “main character” this time is Crying Angels, one of the extreme horror monsters. This is the horror game that many gamers look forward to the most this year because they were fascinated that Crying Angels has officially been back.

Horror dark background

Doctor Who is a popular British horror television series. The story is about the character Dr. Who, the Time Lord who has left his planet to live in another space-time aboard the teleportation machine called Tardis. Dr. Who can reincarnate before death comes and each time reincarnate with a new shape and personality.

This is the key to every puzzle adventure with different enemies to protect the cosmic civilization. In the final encounter, the tenth identity of Dr. Who captured the Crying Angels, powerful monsters from the future. But in Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins, they are back and more cunning than ever.

It’s a prequel to Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins. Also a horror game, but the presentation and gameplay of this game are monstrously scary and unpredictable.

The gameplay of Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins

At the beginning of the game, you will see a strange phone screen with lots of confusing code running on the screen. And then a call came in. The name of the caller was Petronella Osgood, who introduced herself as a former scientist from UNITY.

Through a brief conversation, you learn that a person named Lawrence has disappeared and the phone in your hand belongs to Lawrence. Osgood believes the phone will self-destruct and before that happens, you must help her find the many clues hidden inside this phone to find Lawrence’s whereabouts before it’s too late. Osgood believes many other terrifying mysteries may lie behind Lawrence’s disappearance.

Of course, your first mission is to find Lawrence. To do this, you have to face a series of big and small challenges. Imagine you are holding a phone and manipulating it. After the initial call, you’ll receive a series of messages with suggestions, tasks, and instructions from Osgood. Every time Osgood asks for something, the game gives you 2-3 options.

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins Mod APK

Each answer you choose will determine Osgood’s next answer. But that’s not the point of the game, because not having different answers leads to different endings. These options only increase the feeling of interaction with the player.

Simple operation and easy to play

All the main operations of the game almost revolve around the phone and a series of drag, select, and touch to unlock, decode, listen, read, view, and analyze information about previous information on Lawrence’s phone. How to play Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins of most missions and scenes, will include missions that go through the form of “reading and sorting” chat logs and some of the applications that the game offers. The more focused on learning the details, the more likely the player knows how to defeat the dark angels – the evil of the game.

The challenge is limitless until you find the solution

There are many other shocking developments, like when you can open the photos taken before Lawrence disappeared or find the video of the last witness’s home… Everything is gradually revealed. You are also the next “Lawrence”, and Osgood shows up just in time to try to help you survive the brutal onslaught of the Crying Angels.

Let’s talk a little bit about these types of monsters. The beauty of the Dr. Who series is that the monsters don’t just stop at scary shapes but can come from any time and space. And these Crying Angels are among the most radical.

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins Mod APK

Although they are just stone statues with painful and crying faces, they are actually planetary creatures from the future, capable of invasion with the most technologically advanced devices of humans. No device is safe and there is no place on earth that they cannot reach.

Horror graphics, heart-pounding music

Talking about the horror in Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is the graphics and background music. The game uses real people’s images, real photos, and even clips from real people’s security cameras to make up the story. It’s so dark that you have to be scared a lot.

Accompanied by equally spooky background music, the silence at times has a spooky purpose. It is also said that the producer invited actress Ingrid Oliver to the game to play the character Osgood, who stars in this whole creepy “adventure”.

Download Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins APK for Android

Perhaps it will take a lot of “paper and ink” to talk about the horror and drama of Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins. If you want to know how attractive this game is, perhaps you have to experience it yourself. Let’s try once to become a famous character Dr. Who by downloading Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins APK for Android HERE.

Download Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins Freeplay MOD APK 1.816.125 (Unlocked)

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