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Cultist Simulator
Updated 23-02-2023 (1 year ago)
Version 3.6.1
Publisher Playdigious
Size 309M
Require Android 4.4

If you have never heard of the Cultist Simulator game, it is a pity. Because Cultist Simulator is known as one of the few games that possess a unique simulation style.

In addition, Cultist Simulator also has extremely new and creative gameplay. Therefore, Cultist Simulator is considered the best game on mobile devices. Currently, Cultist Simulator has beaten the hearts of many professional gamers. Right now, let’s APKMARA learn about this popular game with the website!

Cultist Simulator APK

About Cultist Simulator

Cultist Simulator is known as a card-based simulation video game. This game is developed by indie studio Weather Factory and published by publisher Humble Bundle. The player’s task in Cultist Simulator is to hunt for treasures, summon alien gods, and train masters.

Cultist Simulator’s gameplay

Cultist Simulator is a narrative-driven simulation game. In it, the player will take on the role of a citizen in an anonymous society, where their actions can lead to the creation of a following of cards. The mechanics of the game are presented as a combination of cards and action buttons. The cards represent a variety of different elements: people, attributes such as health or reason, emotions, places, items, wealth, legends, and others…

Cultist Simulator APK

Cultist Simulator gameplay brings interesting experiences

With the default character selection, players start with two cards: career and health. To play, the player drops cards into the slots contained in the action buttons and then starts the timer triggering. When done, the player clicks the action and collects the played cards and additional rewards, which can be random or predefined based on the action. The first action button is “Work”, you need to put the career card in to earn the player’s “Funds” card.

New activities will appear when you complete the quest

As the game progresses, new action buttons may appear. Some of these are beneficial and add more options the player can do, such as Learn, Talk, Explore, or Dream. On the other hand, some action buttons are detrimental to the player’s progress. For example, the player will eventually receive an action button that reflects their character’s time in the game, which will automatically consume the wealth card.

Attractive gameplay conquers many gamers

If the player doesn’t have a wealth card when this action’s timer ends, they will receive a Hunger card that has a sequence of cards and an action button that leads to the character’s death. Some cards are usually created by manipulating buttons and attaching timers, which either burn out or revert with a different type of card. The game takes place in real-time, but the player has the option to pause the game to review the cards and actions and place or collect cards from the board. The final game has a various parallel win and loses conditions. However, both are based on “sane” and “insane” routes that the player character can explore.

Cultist Simulator APK

Activities that you can experience after 20-40 hours of playing Cultist Simulator

  1. First, you can completely combine cards in Cultist Simulator to tell your story in the Lovecraftian virtual world. The world in Cultist Simulator will bring you vivid experiences, with ambitions and dreams but also disappointments. Destroy relationships, destroy enemies and create history in your own style.
  2. You can search cults for Witch-and-Sister or Red Grail and Forge of Days. Recruit believers and turn them into your disciples to serve the search, destroy the enemy, and study history.
  3. From your own experiences, you need to unravel the secrets. Let’s translate the grimoires’ books, and collect the related legends. Besides, you can also find and loot the Star Shattered Fane, and infiltrate the Hours empire to take a place in it. If you have enough intelligence, courage, and sophistication, you can completely master Manus.

Graphics and sounds in Cultist Simulator

Compared to today’s 3D mobile games, at first glance Cultist Simulator is not a flashy game. Aside from the initial plot synopsis and clues along the way, almost every major and minor development in the game takes place with cards. However, the sound in Cultist Simulator is refined quite smoothly, almost leaving a space for the emotions and thoughts of the player.


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