Charlie – My Virtual Pet Dog MOD APK 1.0.14 (Unlimited Money)

Charlie - My Virtual Pet Dog
Updated 21-09-2022 (3 days ago)
Publisher Kid Game Studio
RequireAndroid 4.3

Charlie – My Virtual Pet Dog is a game for people who love pets. Do you want to chat, play mini-games, take care of and play with your pet? All have been fully integrated into the game mentioned above. Let’s find out detailed information about this game with APKMARA through the following article.

Charlie - My Virtual Pet Dog mod apk

About the game Charlie – My Virtual Pet Dog

Charlie – My Virtual Pet Dog introduces a dog named Charlie. Accordingly, you met it abandoned on the road and adopted it. As a new owner, you will be responsible for feeding, sleeping, and entertaining your dog.

Besides, you can train, play and dress up your virtual dog. The game is compatible with the Android operating system to help you get a lot of good experiences. At the same time, players also discover countless interesting things through interacting with a small dog.

Charlie – My Virtual Pet Dog is considered a game with many similarities with My Talking Tom. However, this game brings a new breakthrough when opening a miniature world, allowing players to interact with a friendly dog.

The game stimulates the creativity of children

Joining Charlie – My Virtual Pet Dog is one of the options worth considering. Because this game is suitable for boys and girls to help improve creativity. Accordingly, the game offers interesting features such as changing Charlie’s clothes or customizing the room to be cuter by changing the carpet, colorful wallpaper, and diverse floor tiles.

Children can distinguish colors and objects through an arrangement to know how to coordinate. Thereby bringing a balanced whole and training more thinking ability.

Charlie - My Virtual Pet Dog mod apk

In fact, color in life is not just a matter of aesthetics. Furthermore, they affect an individual’s psyche, health, emotions, perception, learning, and behavior. Therefore, letting children participate in Charlie – My Virtual Pet Dog is also a way for parents to help their children learn and play.

In addition, taking care of the dog Charlie also helps children to be aware of the smallest things. For example, during the day it is necessary to get up, do personal hygiene, eat, and change clothes, for example. At the same time, the game is also like a companion in life to help children have fun and develop better.

Outstanding features in the game

Many children play Charlie – My Virtual Pet Dog all day without being boring thanks to the features in the game. Even parents are interested if they have time to watch this game. All of them have the following outstanding advantages:

  • Chat with Charlie and hear the repeated sound in a funny voice.
  • There are many activities such as playing, singing, and dancing to make Charlie feel hungry. Therefore, we need to replenish their energy by feeding them. The dishes are all arranged on the table.
  • There is a clearly visible percentage on each activity to see how satisfied Charlie is. If we have reached 100%, we do not need to interact further.
  • When Charlie is naughty, it will get dirty so the player needs to perform a clean bath.
  • Charlie can be dressed up with a new fur or use superhero clothes, spiderman, along with a variety of accessories such as glasses, hats,…
  • The sound of a pet’s piano has many songs to listen to for free and customize according to your taste.
  • Dancing is fun with pets.
  • Turn off the lights to let Charlie go to sleep after a long day of activities.
  • Level up with many interesting rewards and active interactions with pets.
  • Participate in mini-games in Charlie’s presence. Great games like Flappy Puppy, Food Drop, Watch Out, Puppy Jump, Puppy vs. Spikes, Rock-Paper-Scissors…
  • Observe your pet’s reaction when it is tickled or teased.
Charlie - My Virtual Pet Dog mod apk

Collection of mini-games to play all day without getting bored

In addition to eating, sleeping, bathing, etc. Charlie – My Virtual Pet Dog also integrates many other mini-games. If you want to earn more loot or level up quickly, you can choose from the following games:

  • Flappy Puppy: This is what makes the pet run and collect a lot of food. However, you must ensure Charlie’s life when flying or overcoming obstacles in the air.
  • Food Drop: Move Charlie to different locations to collect food, but avoid eating rotten, or the level will end immediately.
  • Puppy vs. Kitty: Control so that the older child flies over the head of the younger one. Do not let them crash into each other.
  • Puppy vs. Spikes: Control the animal to move around the screen but avoid touching the tip of the sharp object. In case of being touched or falling too low, the game will stop.
  • Puppy Jump: Help your pet fly in the sky at maximum altitude.
  • Rock Paper Scissors: Play with Charlie and see who is luckier.

Overview of the game Charlie – My Virtual Pet Dog

Charlie – My Virtual Pet Dog is currently a game that supports many different languages, typically Vietnamese, English, Malaysian, Polish, Portuguese, Right, Spanish, etc. In addition, this game also has certain outstanding advantages to mention below:

  • Gathering many outstanding advantages
  • Overall, Charlie – My Virtual Pet Dog has nice graphics and bright colors. At the same time, the fun sound system is very suitable for children. Therefore, whenever it makes others feel excited and happy.
  • Besides, the game has many interactive features with pets such as playing, singing, feeding, and sleeping. Depending on actual needs, players will flexibly choose this function.
  • Best of all, Charlie – My Virtual Pet Dog is aimed at the youngest audiences. Because the interface of the game is quite friendly, and all the buttons on the screen are quite large. Therefore, they are easy to use without worrying about missing important functions.
  • Not only that, Charlie – My Virtual Pet Dog deploys many mini-games to earn money to upgrade pets. In addition, children also find moments of great entertainment. In particular, the children also easily record videos to share with friends on extremely interesting social networks.

MOD version – Unlimited Money

Charlie – My Virtual Pet Dog has an Unlimited Money version. Therefore, when you download the game on the website, upgrading your pet is very easy. Because the player already has an unlimited amount of money.

It can be said that pet care has never been so simple in the game Charlie – My Virtual Pet Dog. Through it, players also find moments of entertainment and relaxation effectively. Quickly download the MOD version to discover many interesting things for yourself.

Download Charlie – My Virtual Pet Dog MOD APK 1.0.14 (Unlimited Money)

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