Catch World: Find ’em All! MOD APK 1.0.0 (Unlocked)

Catch World: Find 'em All!
Updated 05-09-2022 (2 years ago)
Version 1.0.0
Publisher Spicy Sparks
Size 89M
Require Android 4.0

Hide and seek is definitely a game that anyone’s childhood has experienced. And with technology developing as it is today, traditional games have been improved by many game publishers in terms of visuals and gameplay. Today, APKMARA would like to send to readers the game that is being loved by many people on the mobile phone platform: Catch World: Find ’em All. Let’s check it out through this post!

About Catch World: Find ’em All

The traditional game Hide and Seek has arrived on smartphones in an app called Catch World: Find ’em All! What’s more, you can experience both the hider and the seeker. Are you ready to experience the game now?

	Catch World: Find 'em All mod apk

Catch World: Find ’em All is a game released as Spicy Sparks. This game for smartphones is inspired by the folk game Hide and Seek that is familiar to everyone. However, Catch World: Find ’em All MOD APK has a beautiful, smooth graphic design and a fun cartoon style. Alternatively, you can play as a seeker or a hider. At the same time, the game also has a lot of environments with attractive terrain for you to experience. In the post below, let’s discover more about Catch World: Find ’em All with APKMARA.

Familiar and easy gameplay

Catch World: Find ’em All has a fairly simple and popular gameplay. It’s the familiar Hide and Seek game on smartphones. All the animations included in this Catch World: Find ’em have 3D design and fun and attractive cartoon characters. In particular, you will experience it when participating in a hide-and-seek team.

To control the character in the game, you just need to touch and hold it anywhere on the screen. Additionally, the seeker will have a red field of vision appear in front of the character. If fugitives are found within this range, they will be caught. At this point, teammates of the escape team can rescue the captured people by touching them. Each game will run for 40 seconds. In addition, on the map, there are many terrains and obstacles. You can use them to your advantage.

Game mode system helps you experience both sides

There are two game modes in Catch World: Find ’em All, let’s explore them.

Hide: This is the mode where you will have to run away from the pursuer. At the same time, you will have companions on your team. If your teammates are caught, you can rescue them by touching them. You will win if you are still alive at the end of time.

	Catch World: Find 'em All mod apk

Seek: This is the mode where you will join the team of seekers. More specifically, you will chase and catch the fugitives. Just approach the fugitives, you can automatically set traps and catch them. You will be the winner if you see all the other players before the time ends.

In addition, you can increase the number of members in the Seek team to 2 people. At the same time, the number of members in the Hide team will also be increased to 5 people.

Play with friends around the World

Catch World: Find ’em All is an online game. You can play the game with other players around the world. Furthermore, you can recognize these players by the name and flag displayed above their characters.

Diverse map system

In Catch World: Find ’em All, you can play on many different maps. Through each round, the terrain of that map will change. Thanks to that, you will always experience new and not boring games. What’s more, you can unlock five more “environments” to play with. However, the condition to do this is that you must complete the previous game.

Item that increases player’s ability

To add more fun and challenge to the game, collect power-ups. They will appear in many random locations on the map. You just need to touch them to activate these power-ups. However, both hider and seeker teams can use power-ups. But no matter which team, they bring a huge advantage. Besides, in the game’s maps, there are bushes or doors to hide.

	Catch World: Find 'em All mod apk

The system of power-ups in Catch World: Find ’em All MOD APK includes: speed increase, trap set, stealth, go through walls and more.

Unlock more outfits

If you want to make the game new and interesting, try changing the appearance of your characters. More specifically, these are unique character outfits that you can equip. They will help your character become more colorful and beautiful. However, using the appearance will not affect the gameplay of Catch World: Find ’em all.

The MOD APK version of Catch World: Find ’em All

MOD Features

  • No ads
  • Unlock Gold Outfits

Catch World: Find ’em All is a new game released on the Google Play platform but has quickly gained a lot of downloads and good reviews. The game is free. However, the publisher also integrates many more privileges for players to unlock gold outfit packs in the game.

Download the MOD APK of Catch World: Find ’em All for Android

The traditional game of Hide and Seek is probably very familiar to everyone. But now, things are even more interesting in Catch World: Find ’em All. The game has beautiful, fun graphics and smooth controls. Besides, it also has items on the game screen to increase the fun. Click the link below to download and install Catch World: Find ’em All MOD APK Unlocked!

Download Catch World: Find ’em All! MOD APK 1.0.0 (Unlocked)

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