Cat Museum MOD APK 1.1.1 (All Unlocked)

Cat Museum
Updated 11-08-2022 (1 year ago)
Version 1.1.1
Publisher 751Games Co.
Size 560MB
Require Android 5.0

A surreal-style adventure Casual game that will delight you with interesting and sometimes strange puzzles. Follow the unusual cat through the museum’s locations. Here, you have to go through a difficult journey, do everything to find the secret of the mysterious museum, and learn valuable information about the protagonist’s past and beautiful pieces of classical art. Let’s explore this game with APKMARA!

Cat Museum MOD APK

About Cat Museum

Cat Museum is an adventure game that combines puzzles and gives you a whole new experience. In this game, a journey of discovery with many mysteries is waiting for you. The game was released not long ago by 751Games Co Ltd. Immediately after its release, it attracted the attention of a large number of players around the world. Cat Museum offers an adventure game with fascinating stories, and mysterious and challenging episodes.

The plot of the Cat Museum

The story of the game takes place in an art museum. There are abstract paintings and monstrous objects. It can be said that these things are mysterious and strange to the point of being spooky. And the main character you control is a brave boy. He didn’t know why he came here and became the manager of this mysterious museum.

The boy’s task is to repair the museum. But when he got here, he had to deal with a lot of mysterious and scary things, not just fixing them. Entering the museum, you and the main character will discover many mysteries that still exist in this museum. Not only that, you also get to discover the main character’s childhood memories. This kid has a mysterious connection to this museum. However, to figure these out, you need to solve the puzzles in this game.

Puzzle adventure gameplay

Gameplay of Cat Museum is a combination of adventure and puzzle elements. Your adventure journey in this game is with the main character and mischievous cats to explore the mysterious museum. Yes, a lot of interesting stories and unsolved mysteries are waiting for you to conquer.

Cat Museum MOD APK

As you go to each location, you will face different difficult challenges and puzzles. You have to use your wits to finish. Don’t just think, but observe things closely. New treasures can find clues and get answers to puzzles. At each puzzle level, you will discover different secrets in this museum. The further you progress, the more interesting the puzzle levels become to increase the difficulty. Therefore, your brain must work at maximum capacity to find the answer.

This game requires you to play when you have time and really calm down. Because only when you feel comfortable and calm can you think of solving puzzles. Therefore, you cannot play the game to solve the problems in the game if you cannot pay attention. The puzzles contained in the Cat Museum are really a challenging game, and it is not suitable for the less intelligent.

Classic art images

The game Cat Museum does not have the advantage of high-quality graphics, it is only 2D. However, this is the intention of the developer, because the image of the game is kept pure classic. This game is built with a visual style, and all the scenes in the game are hand-drawn by famous artists. Explore the game, you will see abstract paintings in the museum. The mysterious museum is filled with darkness, mystery, and haunting. You can follow the images and objects displayed on it with monstrous shapes.

Unforgettable adventures

You must explore locations, solve puzzles and search for all kinds of clues to find out the whole truth about the protagonist’s childhood, as well as unravel the mysteries of the mysterious museum. The museum’s territory will be lost in space, and a mysterious cat will guard the place.

Cat Museum MOD APK

The deeper you dig, the closer you get to the chilling truth behind the museum. The Cat Museum has a unique and detailed hand-drawn graphic style but also has curiosity and a hauntingly dark atmosphere. Players will have an unforgettable experience when immersed in the game’s strange art style and surreal world. In addition, the gameplay of the game is classic Point and Click. Your task is to collect clues, solve puzzles, find hidden secrets, and put them together.

Cat Museum MOD APK version

MOD feature

Unlock All: The Cat Museum game is free to download and play, but that’s not everything. In the free version, you can only play the first chapters. And there is also a paid version of the theme. But in our MOD version, all the paid content and special skins have been unlocked. Best of all, they’re completely free. All you have to do is download, install and experience the game.

Download the latest game Cat Museum MOD APK for Android

The combination of adventure and puzzle gameplay, along with art-style visuals creates a highly immersive experience for Cat Museum. Games with this gameplay are always loved by many players, especially those who love adventure and uncovering secrets in an immersive storyline. Download Cat Museum MOD Game APK HERE!

Download Cat Museum MOD APK 1.1.1 (All Unlocked)

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