Cat Force MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Energy) v0.51.0

Cat Force MOD APK
Updated 20-05-2022 (2 years ago)
Version 0.51.0
Publisher Playtika
Size 98M
Require Android 5.0

Cat Force – Free Puzzle Game is a puzzle game in the form of Match-3. However, it will not be as boring as you imagine, because the puzzles in the game are extremely interesting. The game has a combination of extremely cute cats, promising to bring moments of entertainment for gamers. Let’s APKMARA explore Cat Force through the article below!

Cat Force MOD APK

About Cat Force

You’ve played a lot of Match-3 matches, and you think most of it is boring repetition. For example, you just need to find the same color, find ways to mix 3,4, or even 5,6 pieces to make them disappear and reappear challenges or different colors from beginning to end. Game Over when the color bands stacked on top of each other are immutable. The principle of the match 3 game is that it seems forever unchanged. Only the way to apply, update, and include interesting details will be the survival spice for this game genre.

And if you ever doubted the appeal and complexity of match 3 games, you must definitely try the Cat Force game. Cat Force will take you into the fierce battle between the kingdom of Catopia and the army of demons. All the cat warriors will gather, and use their own strength and skills to fight against the enemies who are trying to invade.

Cat Force MOD APK

Highly tactical in Cat Force’s Match 3 game

The Cat Force match 3 challenge team will be an army of mighty cats, each color representing a different army and special unit. They range from melee attacks to ranged attacks. If you successfully combine in a Match – 3 game, you can create a super combination. Example: Combined melee and ranged attacks both with swords and weapons, making enemies unable to react.

For example, when assembled, Red Cat heroes can fight in melee combat, while Blue Cat soldiers harness their ranged power in 3-person combos. If a group only has a row of 3 blue cats and a group has 3 red cats, of course, you have 2 long and close shots to your opponent. This will make your win faster. This is also a point showing the high tactical nature of the Cat Force.

Cat Force MOD APK

What’s attractive about Cat Force’s gameplay?

Each puzzle level in the game is a different battlefield. Enemies can form a formation on the left, sometimes a formation on the right, clustered or scattered across the battlefield, or often it is a fat beast in the middle of the battlefield. You have to “fight” extremely focused, and constantly combine all 3 cats in the squad so that they do not stop attacking. How to complete every move for a neat match-3 match? If you linger too long or the colors don’t match, enemies will go deeper into the realm, and Catopia will quickly be overwhelmed.

In addition, you can level up your beloved cat warriors by collecting points, choosing new skills for the cat army, improving combat ability, and calculating damage. This is also the first match 3 game in mobile history to add the ability to reward skills for game characters. This feature has helped Cat Force not only stop at a color matching game but also make gamers know how to use bold tactics. And in it, the players really threw themselves into every nerve-wracking confrontation without any bloody battles taking place.

Distinctive point

And even in Cat Force, there are powerful Buffs and Boosters with many different types of missiles. Each missile has its own effect with a huge damage range. Whenever you see them, take advantage of them as soon as possible. These are golden opportunities for you to get closer to victory. Finally, we have free spins from time to time, which is also a form of Quick Match 3. If you successfully match an item, you will be rewarded, mainly gold coins, minions, or tonics. They are very useful in attacking enemies.

Cat Force MOD APK

Exciting game modes in Cat Force

When playing Cat Force, you can play alone against the AI to enjoy the feeling of fighting with your mighty army of cats, or you can also play online with many other players in real-time PvP mode. If you are tired of fighting too much, you can visit the saga map to see some new features. Here you will overcome obstacles, fight enemies, defeat bosses and rebuild the villages of the cat-eye king. I want to play in a style that I want to please everyone.


Cat Force gives players cute 2D visuals with bright colors and some minor visual effects. Like when you think about which cat moves, the cats on the screen will raise their hands and wave very cutely. It can be said that the match-3 match effect is very impressive. When the game is over, there are cats that will immediately attack the enemy, which is very noticeable. And that “Post-Match 3” ending brought excitement and a big difference to Cat Force.

Cat Force MOD APK version

MOD feature

  1. Unlimited Money
  2. Unlimited Energy

Download Cat Force APK & MOD game for Android

Bottom line: If you love color schemes like Candy Crush Saga or Bejeweled, you should play Cat Force at least once. The fighting gameplay is beautiful and requires deep tactical ability, making Cat Force even more worth playing. You can download Cat Force APK & MOD for Android HERE.

Download Cat Force MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Energy) v0.51.0

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