Bucket Crusher MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.3.15

Bucket Crusher
Updated 28-09-2023 (2 months ago)
Version 1.3.15
Publisher VOODOO
Size 90M
Require Android 5.0

If you are looking for a fun game to pass the time, Bucket Crusher is your first choice. Published by VOODOO, Bucket Crusher will entertain you with interesting things, which is to destroy structures using an excavator that you control. You need to complete the missions with a high score. Now, let’s go with APKMARA to find out about this interesting game. And also don’t forget to download the Bucket Crusher mod apk version that we bring, there will definitely be a lot of interesting features for you.

Introducing the game Bucket Crusher

It is not necessary to say much about the game products of VOODOO, because this is the leading game production company in the world. The game products of this publisher have all made very good impressions. The style is simple, but especially that simplicity is addictive to players.

Bucket Crusher MOD APK

And with this product, the game Bucket Crusher also gives players a lot of interesting points, with attractive and highly entertaining simulation gameplay. Currently, Bucket Crusher is at the top of the most attractive simulation games today, surely you will not be disappointed when experiencing it.

Addictive gameplay of Bucket Crusher

Bucket Crusher has extremely simple gameplay, players will proceed to control their stone crusher to break the walls. Each level in the game will require you to break a certain solid wall. Players must skillfully control their crusher to pass the task. Not only that, after each break everything, most players feel refreshed and comfortable after breaking everything, which in real life is almost impossible for them to do.

Therefore, Bucket Crusher is always considered a game to relieve stress, suitable for those who often have to work and study.

Let’s upgrade the stats to make the crusher stronger

As you go deeper into higher levels, the challenge gets harder. The walls became much bigger and stronger. Therefore, you need to upgrade your crusher to conquer these new challenges. You can upgrade the following stats:

Bucket Crusher MOD APK
  • Size: This is the index of the saw blade, please upgrade it higher to break with a larger area.
  • Fuel: The indicator of the fuel level in the engine. The fuel level in the engine is very important because when the fuel level is low, it will not be enough to break the increasingly stronger walls.
  • Length: This is the index of the bucket length. You need to upgrade this stat to help your bucket reach the higher and higher walls, and then be able to break them all.
  • Power: An extremely important stat that you cannot ignore is the power stat. You need to upgrade this stat because the walls will become stronger and stronger.

Overall, all of these indicators are very important. You need to upgrade all of them to turn your crusher into a “Monster” that can crush everything.

Unlock new skins

Not only interested in upgrading stats, but players also need to open new skins. It will help your crusher change to more unique skins. Some skins you may be interested in our Basic, Plant, and Candy…, along with many new types waiting for you to unlock. These new skins will help your device get a new look as well as possess greater power.

Graphics and sound

The image in Bucket Crusher is designed to be very simple, but equally fun and beautiful. What you see in the game is a crusher and walls with a very special design. The walls exist with many beautiful images, it can be a dog, an avocado, famous statues …

Bucket Crusher MOD APK

There is no denying the attractiveness of the sound that the publisher Bucket Crusher has created. It can be said that it has contributed in no small part to the success of this game. The sound of birds sucking or the sound of breaking brings excitement to the player.

What’s attractive about the Bucket Crusher mod?

Bucket Crusher is a game you can download and experience for free. However, to help you have a more perfect experience, we would like to submit the Bucket Crusher mod apk version. With this version, there will be two attractive features:

  • Remove all ads
  • Free gifts: You will receive free gifts without having to see ads.


It can be said that VOODOO has brought players an extremely simple game. From gameplay, animation, and sound, all are very simple. However, it has a great charm and very addictive ability. Bucket Crusher will be very suitable for those who often work and study stressfully, helping you to be comfortable and regain energy very quickly. If you love it, download and experience the best of this Bucket Crusher mod apk.

Download Bucket Crusher MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.3.15

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