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Blocky City: Ultimate Police
Updated 23-04-2022 (2 years ago)
Version 2.1
Publisher Fun Blocky Games
Size 46M
Require Android 4.4

Blocky City: Ultimate Police – police simulator with cube graphics. Players will become real law enforcement officers, and patrol the streets of a large metropolis day and night. User responsibilities will include: catching dangerous criminals, escorting detainees to the police station, as well as maintaining public order. Let’s explore this game through the article below of APKMARA!

Blocky City: Ultimate Police

About Blocky City: Ultimate Police

Have you ever thought of being a police officer to catch criminals, maintain social order and protect people? The police profession has helped many people become an admirable hero in everyone’s eyes. This game gives you the feeling of being a policeman. Developer Codigames has really reinvented the idea of being a cop managing an entire unit. Do you think that becoming a police officer is the dream of many people? Really this game is too good and brings a lot of entertainment. Hurry up and try to get your dream job, form a police team to punish criminals and protect people.

The plot of Blocky City: Ultimate Police

Blocky City: Ultimate Police allows you to build a strong police team so that everyone lives in peace without being disturbed by criminals. They start from the very beginning of the industry and strive to grow gradually, then become a strong police team. New to the game, you are the sheriff who runs a small police station. Although it is very small, it is already a single police station, so there is a lot to do for you to handle. Please deal with the assigned tasks, and try to do your best to help everyone keep society safe.

Catch, handle all the thugs and criminals in the neighborhood and lock them up. If the investigation proves they are innocent under the law, they can be released and keep their seats. It is your responsibility as well as the entire police station you are in charge of. When completing each mission, gamers will be able to receive well-deserved rewards. The accumulated money will help unlock new cars and keep order in the city more efficiently.

Blocky City: Ultimate Police

Your main mission in the game

Your main task in Blocky City: Ultimate Police starts from the smallest to the biggest. Although you are the boss, your station is very small and has few employees, so you have to do it slowly. Small jobs receive a corresponding amount for each job. Then, as your ministry gets a bit bigger, you can hire more assistants and police officers for larger cases. With more control, you can go to a store without having to spend a lot of money to hire an employee in case of an emergency.

At first, it seems easy to do as you can see, but then it gets progressively more difficult. There are times, you need to increase the capacity of the whole police team to complete the assigned task. Try to have a strong police force so that everyone respects your police team.

Strengthening and Expanding the Police Squad

The duty of the police is to ensure the safety of the people in the controlled area. If you lack staff for your police team, it can affect their work, as there will be no one to deal with the police or arrest them. Blocky City: Ultimate Police starts with a small police team, so it lacks a lot of manpower. The task and nature of the job are to suppress crime and ensure peace for people to live, work and develop stably.

However, criminals are increasing and dangerous. Therefore, you must try to recruit the police team to become a large and professional police organization and keep this town free of any nasty thugs. The efforts of the whole team will be rewarded when you successfully complete the assigned task. Completing missions well can help your agency to become a big police station. In addition, more abundant human resources will be able to keep people peaceful, living, and settled.

Control and mobilize employees

In Blocky City: Ultimate Police, you will not be an ordinary policeman, but become a captain that manages your police team to build a strong crime prevention team. If you put in the effort, you can improve your team management. You need to seriously perform assigned tasks and mobilize employees to work properly.

Blocky City: Ultimate Police

Blocky City: Ultimate Police MOD APK Version

MOD feature

Free shopping: to make your gaming experience more perfect, our MOD APK version offers a free shopping feature that allows you to own all the in-game items.

Download Blocky City: Ultimate Police MOD APK for Android

Blocky City: Ultimate Police with the idea of ​​building a police team to help people lead a normal life without any obstacles. Moreover, the unlimited amount in the MOD version is a great advantage to hiring any employee, helping you increase work efficiency in catching criminals. With this mod, you will be able to equip your policeman with the safest equipment for the job. You can download the MOD APK for Android HERE.

Download Blocky City Ultimate Police 2.1 MOD APK Free shopping

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