Blade Bound MOD APK (God Mode, One Hit) v2.25.2

Blade Bound MOD APK
Updated 26-02-2023 (12 months ago)
Version 2.25.2
Publisher Artifex Mundi
Size 1G
Require Android 4.4

If you love action games, surely you can’t help but know the RPG genre. This is a pretty famous game genre in mobile game consoles. And today we want to introduce to everyone a new action role-playing game called Blade Bound, a game that is worth a try and experience. So why is it really worth the experience? Let’s APKMARA find out together in this article!

Blade Bound MOD APK

About Blade Bound

Blade Bound is an online action role-playing game, with a PVE and PVP system developed by Artifex Mundi. This is a completely free game that was released for PC on November 9, 2017. And after almost 2 years, this game is finally released on iOS and Android. This is great news for mobile gamers. With beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay, this game has captured everyone’s attention. Blade Bound has a large player base with over 1 million installs via Google Play.

Blade Bound MOD APK

The plot

Darkness began to cover humanity, and at the same time traitors killed the heroes. Now you will transform into a Blade Bound heading to the last ruins to destroy the traitors, and drive away from the forces of darkness. However, the forces of darkness have too strong an army. Many heroes have died, and the mission seems to have failed. The moment you fell into darkness, the powerful goddess Sentinel brought you back. With the help of the goddess, you return to the world of darkness and fight against the army of demons to end the war and bring peace to mankind.

Although the goddess always follows to help you, the danger is always lurking on your arduous and difficult path. You have to face giant golem monsters, hyperspeed assassins, witches, curses, demons, and beasts. In addition, the generals of the dark forces will guard a tower, and you must face many challenges to find the dark lord.

Blade Bound MOD APK


Blade Bound has hack and slashes gameplay, which means you’ll be running, fighting, killing enemies, attacking and smashing those that threaten the human world.

The character control is also quite simple, similar to other MMORPG titles. You will move the character with the joystick touch button on the left side of the phone screen. On the right side are the battle buttons one after the other: the Attack button and five buttons representing special abilities. Even if you can’t move, the system will show you all the instructions at first.

Item system

As the last warrior of mankind, you must strengthen yourself by forging weapons, armor, crafts, and some items for battle. Not only that, but you can also upgrade your equipment to level up with powerful attributes to fight against the enemies. However, you can only get materials by killing enemy troops. Therefore, you must face the monsters, destroy them and collect equipment to forge a superior weapon.

Blade Bound MOD APK

Elements in Blade Bound

To fight the forces of darkness with mysterious power, rudimentary weapons are not enough. To become stronger, you must possess an element. Mastering the element of fire will help you burn your enemies and banish the darkness. In addition, the water element will help you fight fire-type monsters more easily. In addition, there are some other elements in nature that you need to master. Combine elements with your weapon system to make your character’s power even greater.

Weapons in the game

The system of equipment and weapons in the game Blade Bound is very diverse and rich, with hundreds of different weapons and combat features to create epic and dramatic battles. Collect more weapons by defeating monsters or bosses on the front lines of the invading army. In addition, the costumes in the game are equally diverse, there will be many types of costumes with different designs and styles that match the character’s personality.

Players must overcome challenges and levels in the game to upgrade their weapons and unlock new combat skills. Because later on, monsters and their armies become stronger, which makes it very difficult for players to fight them.

Blade Bound MOD APK

Fascinating event

This is a game that requires an internet connection. Therefore, to make it easier for you to get the essential equipment and items in Blade Bound, game publisher Artifex Mundi has added weekly and monthly events to help gamers “plow” and receive rewards. In addition, in Blade Bound, you can compete with other players in the arena to see who is the strongest warrior. Fight with your friends and earn huge rewards.

Graphics and sound

Game Blade Bound has sharp graphics, along with cartoon characters that make a strong impression on players. In addition, the image in Blade Bound is diverse and rich in each level, with a large and epic battlefield design, lighting effects, lightning, and magic. In Blade Bound, it is full of magic but no less dramatic. The sound in the game is very lively and attractive, the actions of the characters and the roar of the beasts create a fight. It can be said that this is a fierce and attractive battle.

Blade Bounds MOD APK version

MOD feature

  1. God Mode
  2. One Hit

Download Blade Bound MOD APK for Android

With such outstanding features as above, perhaps Game Bladebound is a game worth experiencing. If you love the Action RPG genre, you should not miss this game. Do not hesitate any longer, immediately visit the Google Play Store to download the game to your device, and do not forget to invite more friends to join and experience together. If you want to download Blade Bound MOD APK for Android, click HERE!

Download Blade Bound MOD APK (God Mode, One Hit) v2.25.2

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