Beat Blader 3D MOD APK 1.12.10 (Unlocked)

Beat Blader 3D: Dash and Slash
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RequireAndroid 4.4

Are you looking for a musical game mixed with a bit of mystery while still keeping its excitement? Then come to Beat Blader 3D right away, that’s the game you need. The game is produced and published by the world’s leading game company, Amantes. Although the game was released not long ago, it has attracted millions of downloads on Google Play. So what’s interesting about this game? Let’s go with APKMARA to find out in this article! In addition, do not forget to follow the Apkmara, we always update quickly the mod apk applications and games with many hottest features today.

Beat Blader 3D MOD APK

About Beat Blader 3D

Beat Blader 3D is a game that helps you create beats for songs by following the instructions of the game. The task of each player is to mix the best music in the world in a new style to make it stand out.

In fact, Beat Blader 3D is inspired by the game Beat Saber. This is a game that has shaken the game market in 2018. When it was first released, a series of Streamers participated in the experience, and they couldn’t help but be surprised at a game with so many attractive features. By 2010, Beat Blader was born exclusively for the mobile platform. Amanotes’ product also shows that this is an unmatched product to help users get great features.

Beat Blader’s gameplay

Coming to Beat Blader, players will have the task of controlling their character to move into square beat blocks, and at the same time stay away from obstacles that appear at any time. You just need to do simple operations, that is, swiping your fingers on the screen. Your character will be equipped with two swords to cut squares. However, it becomes harmless when confronted with red spiked stones. Therefore, you need to stay away from those rocks.

When the game starts, a song will be played throughout your level. When the squares appear, you need to slash them, because this is the beat of the music. When you fail to cut the blocks, your track will be broken. Therefore, to make the music perfect, you need to cut all the squares that appear. Equally important, you need to avoid obstacles. Because if you accidentally collide with those thorny rocks, you will lose consciousness and the game is over.

Especially, when you slash consecutive beat blocks without missing 1 of the 2 nearby beats, you will get a combo. The longer the combo, the more points you will get. This is the determining factor to the Toppoint of a level. You will lose the combo if you miss the beat, and it will be recalculated at a new cycle.

Beat Blader 3D MOD APK

Beat Blader 3D – The convergence of cult hits

Coming to Beat Blader 3D, you will discover a music store of up to hundreds of hits with many different genres. These are the top songs in the world like Dance Monkey by Tones and I, or the top songs of many popular charts around the world like Despacito, EDM Faded, or the epic of Imagine Dragons, Believer.

Not only that, Beat Blader 3D also provides you with the music of different genres from Rock N Roll, Electro, Trap or even classical songs in Classic, Blue or Acoustic style. … Therefore, when coming to Beat Blader 3D, you will be able to choose your favorite music no matter what your preferences are.

In particular, the tracks of Beat Blader 3D have all been remixed. Therefore, even if you have heard the music here many times, when you come to Beat Blader 3D, you will still find it very new and highly entertaining. There are 3 levels of play for you to choose from Easy, Medium, and Hard. Corresponding to it are the tracks in the game. At the same time, the difficulty of the game also depends on the melody, beat, and mix.


In Beat Blader 3D, the main currency is diamonds. Players will receive diamonds after each level. And if you win the levels, you will get the most diamonds. In each game level, there will be 3 milestones corresponding to 3 pieces of music in the game. The number of diamonds received will correspond to the milestone that the player completes.

With the number of diamonds, players will use it to unlock their favorite music. Later to open music at high prices. Therefore, players need to improve their level to get more diamonds.

Beat Blader 3D MOD APK

Change your character your way

The first character that you see in Beat Blader 3D, it’s a very personal and stylish character. With striking pink hair and glowing laser swords in its hands, it will quickly slash every square in its path to create a very interesting beat.

In addition, Beat Blader 3D also allows you to change the character for more interesting and new. You can change weapons from a scythe, a battle-ax, or a katana sword… In addition, players can also choose from other attractive characters in the shop. Just spend a little diamond, watch a few ads and you can get it right away.

What’s attractive about the Beat Blader 3D mod apk version?

Coming to Beat Blader 3D mod apk, players will be able to use a lot of great features such as Unlocking costumes, unlocking songs, weapons. Moreover, you are also not interrupted by ads to make the in-game experience more perfect.

Download Beat Blader 3D mod apk game for Android

Coming to Beat Blader 3D, players can not only practice quick reflexes but also enjoy a great music party. This place converges all the popular music with attractive remixes. Download Beat Blader 3D mod apk and experience it right now HERE.

Download Beat Blader 3D MOD APK 1.12.10 (Unlocked)

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