Angry Bee Evolution MOD APK (Unlimited Honey/Amber) v4.0.1

Angry Bee Evolution
Updated 28-09-2022 (1 year ago)
Version 4.0.1
Publisher TOOLBEX
Size 43M
Require Android 5.0

Playing mobile games sometimes has to be simple, short, easy to understand, and time-killing. In times like these, an “idle” game like Angry Bee Evolution MOD APK is a viable option. Let’s explore this fun game with APKMARA through the post below!

Angry Bee Evolution APK + MOD

About Angry Bee Evolution

Angry Bee Evolution Mod offers players moments of entertainment and fun. With idle gameplay, you can enjoy exciting moments. Here, your task is to manage a bee farm with many different species of bees to explore. Take care of them and develop them to breed new bees. The game belongs to the simulation game genre with simple, short, and easy-to-understand gameplay. It helps you kill time when you have free time and have nothing to do. 

Although the game has no depth, it will give you a completely different experience compared to other arcade games. At the same time, you can explore the world of bees and get to know many species of bees that you have never met before. This place promises to bring interesting feelings during the experience.

Simple but enjoyable experience

Having spent many hours playing deep RPG adventure games or a super hard puzzle game, you will often crave the feeling of simplicity. Angry Bee Evolution gives you light entertainment, you almost don’t have to think too much and manipulate at the same time without any hindrance. 

Playing Clicker games of this type, you only need to look at the image on the screen, touch the screen to collect items, at most, touch and drag to control a specific movement. The game will often unlock new features and species. What makes players fall in love with mobile clicker games and stick with them for a long time is the fascinating world inside. The more you play, the more the game expands. The feeling of owning a vast kingdom, a multi-layered world in your hands will make you proud, excited, and eager to keep playing to reach new peaks. 

Angry Bee Evolution APK + MOD

Of course, with such simple gameplay, the clicker game has countless topics: heaven and earth, animals, people, beasts, machines, and people. And if you want to try a clicker game about the world of animals, let’s experience Angry Bee Evolution now. 

Manage a bee farm with fun activities

Angry Bee Evolution Mod idle game is very easy to play without any guidance or help. At the beginning of the game, you manage a bee farm with beekeeping houses located in different places. After a certain period of time, the hive will automatically appear, after the outer shell breaks, a bee will be born. Your task is to breed bees on your farm. Match 3 bees of the same color and species to create a new bee species. Continuous breeding with bees of the same species. Gradually you will create a series of rare bees. 

Control system of Angry Bee Evolution

The control mechanism of Angry Bee Evolution Mod is quite simple. Even if you play for the first time, you will quickly get used to it after a short time. Tap the bees on the farm to move to many different locations. Create a new bee species by matching 3 similar bees.

By moving the bees to the same location, the system will automatically multiply. Even if you want to update or perform any action during the game, you just need to touch the corresponding icons, from there you can do everything very easily.

Lots of species of bees for you to explore

Coming to Angry Bee Evolution Mod, you will be the owner of a bee farm with many different species. Each species of bee is impressive in color, size, and most importantly, its ability to produce honey. However, you cannot choose any species of bee you want. Instead, you have to breed slowly to get rare species of bees. Breeding one by one, after a while your farm will surely have unique bees with excellent appearance, color, and size.

Earn lots of honey

Honey is something you must earn while playing Angry Bee Evolution Mod. They are created by bees on the farm. Each species of bee can produce a certain amount of honey per second. The rarer the bee, the more honey it can produce, for example, the Detva bee can only produce 0.50 honey per second, but the Pchelius bee can produce up to 2.75 honey per second. And there are many other rare species of bees that can produce even more. It depends on the number and type of bees the farm owns. From there, you will own a large amount of honey.

Angry Bee Evolution APK + MOD

Upgrade your bees  

In addition to breeding and earning honey, Angry Bee Evolution Mod also allows players to upgrade any bee species on the farm. Use the honey obtained from the honey they make, or use the game’s unique currency. You can upgrade bees to produce more honey.

At the same time, after each update, the amount of honey that needs to be upgraded for the next time increases. However, the amount of honey you get over time also increases. In the end, you will definitely become a rich owner, possessing a large amount of honey.

Angry Bee Evolution MOD APK version

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Honey
  • Unlimited Amber

With these 2 features of the MOD APK version of Angry Bee Evolution provided by the website, you will be able to experience the game extremely “idle” and comfortable.

Download Angry Bee Evolution APK & MOD game for Android

Although Angry Bee Evolution Mod is an idle game with simple gameplay, aimed at entertainment, and killing time for players, the game’s graphics are still carefully polished with sharp 3D graphics with impressive image quality. If you love this game, you can download it HERE.

Download Angry Bee Evolution MOD APK (Unlimited Honey/Amber) v4.0.1

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