Smule MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) v11.1.3

Updated 28-08-2023 (9 months ago)
Version 11.1.3
Publisher Smule
Size 104M
Require Android 5.0

If you are passionate about singing, you will definitely use a smartphone to enjoy your karaoke experience. You can use the built-in microphone to record your songs, let the built-in speakers play karaoke songs, and enjoy intuitive lyrics on the touch screen. With an application available on mobile devices like Smule, users find it extremely convenient to enjoy the songs of their choice. Let’s learn about the application with Apkmara through the article below!


About the Smule app

Do you like music? Do you enjoy singing your favorite songs on your own phone? If the answer is yes, this wonderful application will help you satisfy your passion for music. With Smule, you can sing with friends, and create music videos with the most famous and popular songs. Above all, you can duet with your idol through your own hits. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? But it is true.

Smule owns the hottest songs

For music applications, especially karaoke applications, it is inevitable that the songs are really rich and diverse. That’s why the Smule app has millions of the best and most popular songs. And it is updated with new songs every day. From classic and famous songs like “Killing Me Softly”, “I Will Survive”, “Happy”… to hits like “Despacito”, “Shape Of You”, “Closer” etc… Of course, all will be in the huge catalog of popular artists updated. And best of all, they are completely free.

Besides the famous songs, this huge song list is also divided into many different genres for you to easily distinguish and choose. It can be mentioned as country music, pop ballad, rock ‘n’ roll … Even popular soundtracks have been updated. Now, you can freely choose your favorite music to satisfy your passion for singing.


Duet with idols

Besides a large number of tracks, Smule also includes voice enhancement technology. It allows you to perfectly perform your favorite songs. By using studio-quality vocal filters, your vocals will be no less than professional singers. Even after listening to the recording, you can confidently register to participate in The Voice show.

In addition to great sound quality, Simple also allows you to duet with your idol. You will have the opportunity to sing with your favorite singers like Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift, ZAYN, and more. Have you ever imagined that you would sing the song Señorita with Shawn Mendes? This amazing app can make your dreams come true.

Great sound filter system

In Smule, you can sing in 2 ways, live and recorded. Each form has its own style, but what they all have in common is their ability to deliver a great musical experience. After each live song, the system will give a score. Each of your recordings will turn into a professional music video if you edit carefully.

In addition to voice editing, you can add bubble effects, fireworks, … to make them more beautiful and delicate. It will be a high-quality music video and you will be the main vocalist of the song. Don’t forget to pin them to your profile to share with your friends.


Share and connect with friends

With Smule, you can connect with your friends on Facebook. What could be more wonderful than gathering with friends to sing karaoke and exchange music preferences? Also, you can sing with your friends to see who gets the highest score. It’s also a great way to strengthen friendships. In addition, you can communicate with each other through self-recorded music videos. Connect with them by commenting or dropping hearts with other friends’ videos they share.

I believe that music is not only there for people to enjoy, but above all to bring people closer together. Music regardless of language, culture, country, etc… All people are equal. It can be said that Smule connects everyone in the world through music.

Work comfortably with the application until you are completely satisfied

If you are not satisfied with your voice, you can always practice and improve your skills in Smule. Mobile apps are also available on the go. So feel free to sing as many times as needed to create your perfect recordings.

Requirements when using Smule

You’ll love using Smule’s free and easy-to-access app. Just pick it up in the Google Play Store without paying anything. Otherwise, the app will contain ads, and the purchase requires you to unlock it with real money. If you want to make the best use of the Smule app on mobile devices, it is important to provide access to some of the required options, in order to enable all the features available in the app.

Additionally, the app requires that your device have the latest possible firmware version, preferably Android 5.0 or later to ensure compatibility with your app, especially if you’re using the latest version of the application.

Smule MOD APK version

MOD feature

VIP Unlock: This app restricts some premium features to VIP members only. By using Smule MOD APK you can enjoy all the features of the app

Download Smule MOD APK for Android

With Smule, you can sing anytime, anywhere without worrying about disturbing anyone. More than that, you can join exciting karaoke music parties with people from all over the world. In addition, this is also a place where you can confidently express yourself, make friends, and find people with similar musical interests. You can download Smule MOD APK HERE.

Download Smule MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) v11.1.3

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