ShareMe APK v3.36.11 for Android

ShareMe APK
Updated 04-05-2023 (12 months ago)
Version 3.36.11
Publisher Xiaomi Inc.
Size 35M
Require Android 5.0

With the development of science and technology as well as popular culture, accessing and storing information is extremely necessary. However, your mobile phone has a relatively limited storage capacity, making it difficult for you to save the documents or simply the pictures you love. So how to solve this problem? Don’t worry, today APKMARA would like to introduce to you the extremely useful ShareMe: File sharing application.

ShareMe APK

About ShareMe: File sharing

With ShareMe, Android users can work with many of the features available in the tools app, so as to easily share their files with other mobile devices or your PC and laptop. When using an advanced P2P connection, the application will allow you to quickly transfer any selected file with better speed and an uninterrupted connection. Therefore, you can always take full advantage of its features to improve your file transfer experience.

ShareMe: File sharing is an app that works well on all your Android devices, and quickly access all available features without any problems. Therefore, you can always share your files even when you don’t have an Internet connection or mobile data. Try to share and get all the files available on your system, and enjoy a much better-sharing speed which can be up to 50Mbps. Not to mention that the application is simple and accessible, ensuring that you can always enjoy working with the useful sharing tool.

Requirements when using ShareMe: File sharing

For those interested in a great mobile app, they can now connect to the Google Play Store to pick it up without paying anything. Feel free to work with the simple sharing app whenever you want. Just keep in mind that in order to enable a successful connection, both parties will need to have their ShareMe apps on certain devices.

ShareMe APK

ShareMe will require users to give the app certain permissions because these permissions are needed to enable the full-featured app. Therefore, make sure that you accept its request when entering the application for the first time. And don’t forget to update your Android devices to the latest firmware version, preferably Android 4.4 or later, to ensure your device’s compatibility with new updates and features

Why should you use ShareMe to transfer files?

When you want to transfer files from one phone to another, you can usually apply two common methods, one is to use Bluetooth, and the other is to send the file via the email address or chat tool. But both forms come with many problems:

  • Using new Bluetooth, the file transfer speed is also very slow, you still even have to wait quite tired for files that are not too heavy. As for the file size of several hundred MB, you should be determined to send and sit to kill time.
  • Of course, transferring email tool files will take a lot of time to select files and upload them to email. However, the biggest problem with it is that the quality and format of the file can be modified, especially the images.
  • Compared to these two traditional methods, using an application that specializes in transferring files between mobile phones, both online and offline seems to be the optimal choice.
  • If you are also looking for such an application, I can recommend ShareMe to you. In fact, there are many apps with similar file-sharing features like this one. But I still choose ShareMe simply because of its convenience and usefulness.

ShareMe supports almost all file formats

There are files that are shared but are still picky between one and the other, really outdated. So, for me personally, this is the first criterion when choosing a data-sharing application to install on my computer. That is, ShareMe can support cross-platform Android devices, send and receive all file formats, image files, videos, music, applications… It is worth mentioning that the file transfer process via ShareMe has no file size limit and it’s available on the device, so you can definitely do it.

ShareMe APK

Easy to use, high speed, no Internet connection required

If you are still worried about needing to be online 24/7 to use this application, then ShareMe: File sharing has the ability to transfer files over P2P protocol without an internet connection. Not only does this protocol help send files online faster than usual, with a maximum possible speed of up to 50MB/s, even without the Internet, with Bluetooth only, but file-sharing speed is also significantly higher than without using the application.

Organize folders inside neatly

ShareMe: File sharing doesn’t just turn a file into a mess on the recipient’s computer and then leave it there. ShareMe also supports transferring the order of the subfiles inside, and the file order according to what is being read from the sender’s computer. All these transferred files are organized into categories so that the recipient can easily find, share or track them with the sender.

Intuitive and vivid interface

Rarely can an application do such a great thing as ShareMe, with such a simple and easy-to-understand interface? Too easy, you just need to download the application to your device to open and use. No matter who you are, no matter your age. There is no need to think, hesitate or even understand. Everything is intuitive, clear, and understandable for all users.

Download ShareMe APK for Android

ShareMe also allows Android users to easily and quickly share any file available on their system. Feel free to use it to transfer your files without having to use the Internet. Plus, with the unlocked version of ShareMe for free on our website, you can now get the most out of it by downloading it HERE.

Download ShareMe APK v3.36.11 for Android

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