AccuWeather MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) v8.3.0-2

AccuWeather MOD APK
Updated 14-06-2022 (2 years ago)
Version 8.3.0-2
Publisher AccuWeather
Size 84M
Require Android

AccuWeather is a Weather application that attracts more than 1.5 billion users every day. With this application, users can monitor the weather daily and weekly, thereby planning activities, business services, or necessary backup activities. In addition, AccuWeather is capable of providing weather information, covering more than 2.7 million different regions and locations worldwide. Here, users can track the weather right down to the minute!

AccuWeather MOD APK

About AccuWeather App

If you need accurate weather information to plan your operations, ensure work progress, or have some necessary backups, AccuWeather is the app you need on your phone. This App will bring you a lot of interesting features. And Apkmara will learn together its great utilities in the section below.

Provides extensive weather information

AccuWeather provides detailed, specific, and accurate weather forecasts for more than 2.7 million regions and locations worldwide. Therefore, when owning this application on your phone, you only need an internet connection. Wherever you are in the world, you will have weather information for your location.

All-weather information is displayed in real-time, so the accuracy is very high. Every index of temperature, humidity, real-feel, wind speed, wind direction, storm, pressure, rain condition is all updated in detail. Moreover, users can also set to display the necessary information on the application screen, or can also shorten it right on the home screen of the personal device.

AccuWeather MOD APK

Real-time accurate weather information

AccuWeather brings users the MinuteCast feature. With this feature, you can monitor the weather situation in a certain area that you have preset according to a certain time frame. For example, you want to update the weather 3 times a day in your area. In addition to basic weather information, you can also monitor whether element analysis. With this information, users can easily make decisions for the day’s activities.

Provide weather forecast information for the next days

Do you believe that with only the AccuWeather app, you can track detailed weather forecast information up to the next 45 days? The indicators are quite detailed enough for you to plan for yourself. The information you will receive includes Temperature, humidity, precipitation, visibility, UV index, wind speed.

And if your needs are greater than that, or you want to know the weather information more days in advance, you can use the AccuWeather premium package. However, if you only use AccuWeather for normal life plans, the free version should be enough to give you the most necessary information.

Animated satellite and radar maps for each area

AccuWeather will provide you with detailed maps of RealVue Radar in Europe and North America. The rest of the world will come with Google Maps. Snapshots of maps for areas the user has saved will now be used to view the current weather, flood warnings, etc. with vivid, attractive images and short videos with Google’s Material Design.

This novel design will help users have clear colors and lines. Along with that, modern icons will bring digital experiences that are extremely attractive, intuitive, and easier to understand.

For example, when you touch an area on the map, immediately the weather information of that area will be displayed at the current time and the next 15 days. Along with that, flood disaster predictions also appeared one after another.

AccuWeather MOD APK

Special features for different regions and locations

For example, in areas with a lot of snow year-round, users can opt for the interesting feature. This feature will be enhanced with RealFeel monitoring, as well as regularly sending important relevant alerts about the possibility of snowfall or snowstorms.

Or when you’re in an area where it rains for days, AccuWeather can also automatically provide regular and detailed notifications about rainfall, wind direction, and rainfall patterns, helping you plan your precautions accordingly.

What features does AccuWeather mod apk version have?

In addition to the basic features that AccuWeather brings, with the AccuWeather mod apk version, you will be able to use the platinum feature. You can view longer-term weather forecasts. In addition, if it rains in the next 120 minutes at your location, you can know the amount of rain and the time of rain. And there are many other features for you to choose from.

Download the AccuWeather mod apk for Android

If you download the AccuWeather mod apk to your device and use it, you will get the most detailed and specific weather information. AccuWeather will help you adapt and prepare well for the current climate change situation. With a lively and easy-to-use interface, AccuWeather is sure to bring you interesting things.

Download AccuWeather MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) v8.3.0-2

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